How did the avatars depart from their teacher?

Question: My question is pertaining to avatars. In the teachings, especially those of Lord Maitreya and the Garden of Eden, there is a point of departure from the original teacher, and that is how those lifestreams entered into duality. How did the avatars who came to earth as volunteers depart from their teacher? There are teachings and invocations that try to help us intuitively find out what was our original point of departure from the teacher. But I’m not clear whether many avatars would have been around in the Garden of Eden when this happened originally, or does this symbolize a type of veil that they took on when they first descended into embodiment on earth? I haven’t understood this teaching well, and if this has already been given to us, I am unaware, and would be happy to be pointed to the book or teaching.

Answer from the Ascended Master Lord Maitreya through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, my book, Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom, talks in great detail about what happened in the Garden of Eden, which has traditionally, in ascended master teachings, been seen as Maitreya’s Mystery School. Now, of course, there are some limitations to this view if you attempt to interpret it literally. It was, for example, in the Summit Lighthouse, said that the Garden of Eden was Maitreya’s Mystery School, and this was said to be the original descent of lifestreams into embodiment on earth, in other words, at the very beginning of the earth.

But it was also said in the Summit Lighthouse that there came a point where the earth was in a downward spiral, and Sanat Kumara descended with 144,000 from Venus, and the first person to respond to them was Gautama Buddha, and then I, Maitreya, was the second person to respond. Gautama ascended first, and I ascended later. If you take this with a linear mind, and want to put this on a linear timeline, it would seem that it could not have been that I could be both the teacher in the Garden of Eden at the first descent of lifestreams to earth, and then have ascended as Lord Maitreya, later. And this is, of course, correct enough. You simply need to recognize that there is a certain office that is the Office of Maitreya, and that it is not necessarily the same being that has held this office throughout the entire history of the earth. You actually have more than one ascended being with the name Maitreya.

The intent behind the book, Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom, is first of all to reach out to the original lifestreams that descended to earth, and those who went into duality, and did so by leaving the teacher behind, because they came to this point of thinking that, with their outer minds, they could define, or divine, what was truth and error, so they could know good and evil — be “as gods, knowing good and evil”. This is not to say that avatars cannot benefit from the book, because avatars have gone through a similar process. It could have happened on a natural planet, and it could have been why the avatars descended to a planet like earth. It could also have happened after you came to earth and encountered the fallen beings.

You need to recognize here that an avatar who descends to earth will be prepared. In other words, you will not come from a natural planet and descend directly into physical embodiment. You will descend to the etheric level, where you will enter the equivalent of a mystery school, and you will be prepared there for taking embodiment at the physical level.

But the question then is how you respond to that teacher if you had a very, very strong desire to come to earth to provide specific improvements, and to remove certain problems from earth, or expose certain problems, then you might be so eager to do this that you are not fully listening to the teacher. And therefore, you leave the mystery school prematurely because you think you are now ready to go into embodiment. And this is also a departure from the teacher, not exactly the same as the original inhabitants, but similar enough that you can at least benefit from contemplating these teachings.


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