How Christians can benefit from considering Reincarnation

TOPICS: Unanswered questions lead to resentment of God and Jesus – teachings on Christhood were removed – reincarnation explains children born with handicaps –  reincarnation is not punishment – karma is a substitute teacher – school of hard knocks versus learning from a spiritual teacher – ignorance of karma was not God’s intention – your karma can be set aside if you change your consciousness – ignorance is the effect of free will – many people learn only through experience – woe unto ye lawyers –

Question: Why is it important for Christians to consider reincarnation?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I am bringing up the concept of reincarnation because I want all of my followers to consider this topic. Let me give you the reasons why I consider this topic important.

The concept of reincarnation can explain many of the questions that Christians so far have been unable to answer. If you will contemplate this concept and consider how it applies to some of the questions you have about life and God, you will find many answers in your heart.

When I look at modern Christianity, I see so many people who have made a sincere and devout effort to follow my teachings through the outer scriptures and the outer churches. Yet, because the outer scriptures do not contain the keys to my inner teachings, people have numerous questions that seemingly have no answers. Because of these unanswered questions, many Christians have a very deep, and often unrecognized, anger and resentment towards me and towards God.

Many Christians feel that the mission of Jesus Christ was somehow a slap in the face of humanity. The reason being that orthodox Christianity holds up a goal, yet it provides no clearly defined path to reaching that goal. The goal held up by orthodox Christianity is eternal life, yet orthodox Christianity does not provide a logical path to attaining that eternal life. I hope you can now realize that the main reason why orthodox Christianity does not provide the path to eternal life is that the teachings of individual Christhood have been removed. The only key to eternal life is individual Christhood.

To return to the idea of reincarnation, let me say that this idea can help you answer many of your unanswered questions. For example, many people have seen children who were born with severe handicaps, be they mental, emotional or physical.

If you do not believe in reincarnation, your only option is to reason that God wanted the lifestream to be born that way. You are then left to wonder why God would want a lifestream to come into the world, into what is supposedly the lifestream’s only lifetime, with such a severe handicap. When you add the concept of punishment, promoted by the orthodox church, you are left to reason that God must have wanted to punish that lifestream. Yet, how could at just and loving God want to punish a lifestream who had not even had the opportunity to sin?

When you accept the concept of reincarnation, you see an explanation. Every human being has lived before. Therefore, the conditions you experience in this life are the effects of causes that you personally set in motion in previous lives. In its pure form, the concept of reincarnation does not incorporate the idea of punishment. Let me explain this in greater detail.

When God created the world, God said: “Let there be light.” Light is simply energy. Everything in the entire world of form is made from God’s energy. Therefore, everything you do is done with God’s energy.

God has given you free will, and you can decide what to do with God’s energy. However, it simply would not be just to create a universe in which beings with free will could do anything they wanted regardless of the consequences it had for others. Therefore, God has created the law of cause and effect. This law states that the energy that you send out into the universe will inevitably be returned to you.

The law of cause and effect is a completely impersonal law. It is as impersonal as the law of gravity. If you jump out of an airplane without a parachute, the law of gravity will cause you to fall to earth and die. Your death is not the punishment of an angry God. Your death is the impersonal consequence of a natural law which causes all objects to fall to earth. The law of cause and effect, or the law of karma as it is called in the East, was not created because God has a desire to punish human beings. It was created as a safety mechanism to prevent the misuse of free will.

In reality, the law of cause and effect is a substitute teacher. The Garden of Eden was a schoolroom designed to prepare your lifestream for life in the material universe. The God in the Garden of Eden was not God in the ultimate sense of the word. It was a representative of God, namely a spiritual being who had volunteered to act in the capacity of teacher. A number of lifestreams, after eating the forbidden fruit, decided to hide from their teacher.

When God created the universe, God desired that all lifestreams should always be part of the chain of hierarchy, the Guru-chela relationship. In other words, no lifestream would be left to its own devices; all lifestreams would have the loving guidance of a spiritual teacher. However, God also gave all lifestreams free will, and therefore God realized that some lifestreams might use that free will to turn away from the spiritual teacher. If a lifestream turns away from the spiritual teacher, then there has to be some mechanism that could act as a substitute teacher.

If a lifestream rejects the spiritual teacher, how can the lifestream possibly learn? It can learn through the law of cause and effect. This law states that the material universe is simply a mirror that mirrors back to you whatever you send out.

If you send hatred into the universe, that energy of hatred will be returned to your own doorstep. If you send love into the universe, the universe will send love back to you. The Garden of Eden was the school of loving, spiritual guidance. The law of cause and effect is the school of hard knocks. That is why the Old Testament required an eye for an eye and a tooth for tooth. This law was given to people in such a low state of consciousness that they were not able to understand a higher law.

The law of cause and effect is designed to teach you by making you experience the consequences of your actions. When you commit an act, the act itself starts a chain reaction. Your action sends an energy impulse into the universe, and that energy impulse will inevitably be returned to you. However, because of the mechanics of the material universe, which modern science will someday explain, it takes time before the energy returns to you. Imagine that a person kills another human being, but the person is never identified as the murderer. Therefore, the person does not receive an earthly punishment for his actions. The person dies of old age without experiencing any consequences. If that person had only one lifetime, he would get away with murder.

In other words, if people had only one lifetime on earth, God would have given an unfair advantage to those who were willing to lie and cheat. If you were a liar, you could escape punishment for the most horrendous acts, as long as those acts were not discovered by other human beings. By setting up the law of cause and effect, God has rectified this seeming injustice. God has ensured that no one could ever escape the consequences of their actions. However, in most cases people will not experience those consequences until a future lifetime.

One might reason that the delay of consequences makes it more difficult to learn your lessons. Would it not be better if the universe somehow struck you with a bolt of lightning at the very moment you committed a sin? Yet, this line of reasoning is applicable only if you have no knowledge of the law of cause and effect. Such ignorance was never God’s intention.

God wanted people to know that they can never escape the consequences of their actions. Furthermore, if you only had one lifetime on earth, and if you committed an act that caused the universe to kill you, then you would have aborted your opportunity to learn. Therefore, God has created a delayed response, and in reality this is an act of mercy. You see, the delayed return of your karma opens up the possibility that God, through his mercy and grace, could prevent you from suffering the consequences of your actions.

To fully understand this, you must let go of the age-old human idea that God is an angry God who wants to punish you for any transgression of his law. In reality, God is a loving God who only wants to see you grow in your Christhood. Therefore, God has only one desire and that is to see you learn your lessons in life. By delaying the return of the consequences of your actions, God opens up the possibility that if you truly learn your lesson, and abandon the state of consciousness that caused you to commit a wrong action, then you do not have to suffer the consequences of that action.

The moment you commit a wrong act, you send an energy impulse into the universe. However, if you fully realize that your act was wrong and therefore rise to a higher level of consciousness in which you would never have committed that act, then there is absolutely no purpose in you suffering the consequences of that act. God does not want to punish you; God wants you to learn.

If you have learned your lesson, there is no purpose in holding back your growth by requiring you to suffer unpleasant consequences. In other words, if you learn your lesson before the energy impulse is returned to you by the universe, God can, through grace and mercy, consume that energy impulse before it hits you in a future lifetime. In many cases, God allows one of your spiritual brothers and sisters to bear that burden, to bear that karma, for you.

However, if you do not learn your lesson, then God will allow the universe to return the energy impulse to you. Therefore you receive a second opportunity to learn (the hard way).

I am aware that many people will say: “Well how can people learn from a disaster when they have no idea it was the result of their own actions?” This is a valid concern, yet it really has no bearing on God and God’s design of the universe. God has created the law of cause and effect, and God has given forth numerous religions that teach people about the law of cause and effect. The fact that some people have chosen to ignore God’s teachings on the law of cause and effect really isn’t God’s responsibility. It is an inevitable consequence of the fact that some people continue to misuse their free will.

God desired everyone to always have the loving guidance of a spiritual teacher. When people turned their backs on the spiritual teacher and descended into the material universe, God did not leave them comfortless. God gave forth spiritual teachings that explained the conditions that people face in this world. If people decide to ignore even these teachings, then God has no option left but to let the law be their teacher.

God can only hope that people will someday begin to wonder why certain things are happening to them. Perhaps they will one day consider that it is their own actions that are leading to the conditions they experience. Perhaps humanity will one day realize that they are in the process of destroying themselves, and that it is up to them to change this downward spiral. God cannot do anything to change the situation without violating people’s free will, and God respects that free will.

Another reason why the law of cause and effect is an effective teacher is that when people have lost the direct contact with a spiritual teacher, they often learn only through experience. For example, imagine a person who is born to be the king of a country in medieval Europe. The king abuses his power and treats his subjects very poorly. He lives in extravagant luxury while his subjects live in abject poverty. The king lives in his beautiful palace, and has no idea how his subjects are suffering. Therefore, the lifestream of the king will not learn anything about the consequences of his actions.

Yet, the law of cause and effect will require that the lifestream of this king must, in some future lifetime, experience the situation from the opposite side. In other words, the king must be born as the subject of another tyrannical king. By going through a direct experience of the consequences of its former actions, the lifestream has an opportunity to learn, and therefore it might choose to abandon the state of consciousness that leads to selfishness.

Obviously, some lifestreams have a hard time learning this simple lesson. Therefore, they keep incarnating in the same outer circumstances over and over before they finally learn the lesson and move on to better circumstances. Yet, if such a lifestream was willing to turn to a spiritual teaching and a spiritual teacher, the lifestream could quickly learn the lesson that selfishness never leads to growth. The lifestream might even learn the final lesson that it must abandon the entire consciousness of the dualistic mind and embrace the consciousness of the Christ mind.

I am Jesus Christ, and I gave my life to bring forth the teachings about the Christ consciousness. The spiritual teachers who are my brothers and sisters have also attempted to bring forth these same teachings in various contexts. In fact, no human being has ever lived on planet earth without having access to some form of spiritual teachings.

I admit that because of the existence of a power elite and because of the relativity of the dualistic mind, many people did not have access to a pure spiritual teaching. Yet, there was always something that the lifestream could use as a stepping stone to a higher understanding of life. If the lifestream had been willing to use what was available, and then look beyond the outer teachings, the lifestream would indeed have received higher teachings from within.

The essential message that I want to get across is that God has done everything possible to make it easy for you to learn the one lesson that you need to learn in life. Yet, the relativity of the dualistic mind is endless. It can think up an infinite variety of excuses for not accepting or following the true spiritual teachings.

God has given you free will, and is up to you to choose whether you will follow the true way that originates from the spiritual hierarchy of light or whether you will follow the false way, the way that seems right to the dualistic mind.

Before I leave the topic of reincarnation, let me give you one more reason why I want my followers to consider this concept. I want you to consider reincarnation, because reincarnation is reality. When I appeared on earth, I knew my Father’s law, and I taught that law to my followers. I never wanted the Christian churches to take away the keys to knowledge.

Therefore, I say to those authorities in the orthodox churches who have taken away the concept of reincarnation: “Woe onto ye lawyers, for you have taken away the keys to knowledge. You entered not in yourselves, and those that would enter, ye hindered. Therefore, I know you not.”


Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels