How can we help the people of Myanmar?

Question: I want to ask about the Myanmar situation. Myanmar’s military took over the government by a coup on February 1 [2021]. The country’s ruling party the National League for Democracy (NLD) were deposed by the Tatmadaw, [armed forces of Burma]. The Myanmar’s military proclaimed a year-long state of emergency and a commander-in-chief of the defense services Min Aung Hlaing became the leader. In Myanmar people could not accept this and they launched civil disobedience movement and protested this. More than 700 people have been killed by security forces. Myanmar people are asking for help from international societies, but international societies cannot provide proper help and support for Myanmar. We understood that China and Russia are supporting the military. As South Korea experienced a similar situation in 1980, some Korean people and societies have been trying to help the Myanmar people. Also, the ascended master students in Korea have been calling for help on the Myanmar situation, but we do not see the proper solution for this situation. Can you provide some comments for the Myanmar situation? What can the Myanmar people and international societies do for Myanmar and what can the ascended masters do for the Myanmar situation?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar for Russia – Overcoming the consciousness of Superiority and the Sense of Being Unwhole, Traumatized and Focused Outside Oneself.

Well, it is clear that this is an example of what you see in other places around the world as well. Where a nation has had a period with democracy, and all of a sudden there is a movement that seeks to reverse democracy or undermine democracy, or replace the democracy with a more totalitarian form of a rule.

It is a pattern you see in various nations, as you point out, and it is unfortunately something that can happen especially when a population is not quite ready to take full responsibility for themselves and their country, and therefore create a functioning democracy. As we have said, it takes time when you have been under totalitarian rule for some time, it takes time for the people to adjust and be ready for democracy. This is what then can allow the dark forces to use certain people in that country to undermine or get rid of democracy.

It should, of course, not be overlooked that this has happened during the Corona crisis. Where the dark forces certainly, and even the Myanmar military people to some degree, were aware that because so many countries are so occupied with the internal crisis of the pandemic, there would not be as much of a response from the international community, as they otherwise would have been. Naturally, there is these undercurrents and it is clear also that there are certain nations that also would like to see democracy falter, and they are also involved in this movement.

But the real solution is, of course, a raising of the collective consciousness of the people. And if you feel inclined to help the people of Myanmar, you can use our invocations and call for the raising of the consciousness, for the binding of the dark forces. And you can also, of course, make calls that the international community will be more aware of the situation and will be more willing to actually do something about it. They have imposed some sanctions, but more could, naturally, be done. I’m not here talking about some military intervention but to do certainly more than they are already doing to put pressure on the military regime.

Beyond that, there is not that much you can do as ascended master students. You need to allow some time to pass until the equation somehow shifts. And either the people become more determined to protest or the military realize the futility of what they’re doing, and put some kind of democratic government back into place. This would be the best outcome with peaceful means. And this is, of course, what you can make the calls for: a peaceful resolution to the situation.


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