How can sensitive people get along with other people?

Question: How is it possible for people who are sensitive to get along with people who are insensitive without creating conflicts?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

By listening to the two dictations (link 1, link 2) I gave earlier today and truly internalizing these teachings. You can have a relationship with other people without conflict only if you are not trying to change those other people. If you are not having the intention with your outer mind that they should change because if you have that intention with your outer mind, that means that with your outer mind you are judging how those people should live and how they shouldn’t live, this will create conflict with other people.

This messenger has said that he has contact with people who are not interested in any form of spirituality but he interacts with them at that level, the level they are at and he doesn’t attempt to change them, he just actually gives them a sense that he accepts them unconditionally for who they are. This might in the long run change some of them but it is not something the messenger is even concerned about and if you can relate to people that way and that’s why again when you overcome your separate selves, you overcome this compulsion to change other people. Then you can have a peaceful relationship with them and this might very well inspire them to change when they experience that you have a different view of life which you can freely share where you’re not preaching to them, you’re not seeking to change them.

You’re not even concerned about whether they change or not because you accept they have a right to live the way they want, they have the right to grow at their level of consciousness. Of course you also have the right to say, “I don’t want to associate with those kind of people.” There are a certain kind of people that this messenger has decided he doesn’t want to associate with because he doesn’t enjoy it and you have the right to make the same decision. But again, when you overcome those separate selves then you can make that decision from a state of peace, not as a way to avoid dealing with people who might push your buttons because you have gotten rid of the buttons therefore you can very easily associate with these kind of people, you just choose not to.


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