How can I attune myself to Jesus?

Question: Beloved Jesus, Thank you for this opportunity! I have visited many websites lately that are offering Christ attunement and they are quite expensive. I really would like to be attuned to your energy and love and work with you for my transformation and the spiritual benefit of the Universe. Can you share with us a technique for this? Thank you very very much! Shalom!


Answer from Jesus:

I already have, and they are freely available on this website. Unfortunately, some people tend to think that what is given away freely cannot be as effective or as valuable as techniques for which they have to pay high prices. They do not remember my statement, “freely ye have received, freely give” (Matthew 10:8).

For inner attunement with me, your Christ self or another member of the Ascended Host, use the technique for inner attunement or the vigil for calling for inner guidance.

For protecting yourself and others, including the entire planet, from dark forces, use the decrees for protection.

For transforming low-frequency energy into high-frequency spiritual energy, use the decrees to the Violet Flame.

And for a set of extremely effective rituals for both protection, transformation and attunement, use the beautiful rosaries and invocations released by my beloved Mother. These tools are truly from the heart of Mother Mary, and I can assure you that they represent a major dispensation and a major opportunity for the spiritual people on this planet. In fact, they are among the most effective spiritual techniques ever released on this planet.

If enough people start using them, you will truly see the world change, as it has already changed as a result of the relatively small number of people who are presently using the rosaries. Yet, remember that in reality all life is one, so even one person anchored in oneness with his or her spiritual self can have a major impact when giving the rosaries or other spiritual rituals—even by living a seemingly normal life.

Let me assure you that we of the Ascended Host have great hopes for what these tools can do for the planet. Yet for those hopes to be fulfilled, someone must decide that “I am the one who will give a rosary every day!”

BE that someone!

For an extremely effective tool for increasing your understanding of Christ consciousness, read the book The Christ Is born in You or follow the Master Keys to Personal Christhood course.


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