How can fallen beings grow and ascend?

Question: If the fallen beings do not receive a light from above and do not have a tie with their I Am Presence how can they grow to ascend? How many fallen beings were able to do this and to ascend, if a person is a fallen being but then turned to the light, is he or she is he or she not a fallen being anymore? Can you show examples of such beings who have turned back to the light?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2019.

Well, not in in terms of people who are known in human history but in previous spheres, many fallen beings have indeed, turned back to the light, as you say, started the spiritual path and have ascended. There were also those who in previous spheres were confronted with the need to change and instead of falling, they accepted the need to change and follow the path.

You need to recognize here that we have said that whatever experiences you have here on earth, however negative or traumatic, they are for you, your I Am Presence still manages to learn positive lessons. Well the same actually applies for fallen beings, at least to some degree.

So, this means that if you take a being that has, perhaps fallen through several spheres and had many, many experiences, there are still certain positive lessons that the I Am Presence has learned from this and when the fallen beings then turns around and starts walking the path, it will gradually grow to a point where it can start applying or building upon the positive lessons in its I Am Presence, which means it can more quickly free itself from the fallen state of consciousness than if it did not have those experiences to lean upon.

Now, how can a falling being turn to the light? Well, basically the way that human beings turn around as a result of the school of hard knocks. That being comes to a point where has had enough of those kind of experiences of always struggling and being in the fallen and consciousness, it starts to realize that the fallen consciousness is a prison that is very, very unpleasant, very, very restricted. And when it develops that motivation to change, it cannot pull itself up from the fallen state. But if it is willing to ask for help from the ascended realm, then it will receive that help and then through that help, it can gradually rise above the fallen state to the point where it can begin to walk the path.

There comes a point where you could say that now the the being is firmly anchored on the upward path and therefore it is not a fallen being anymore because the definition of a fallen being is a person who refuses to walk the path of self-transcendence. When exactly that happens, I do not want to give a particular definition of it. It is to some degree individual but there does come a point where you can say that, that being is no longer a fallen being. Of course, it still has much unresolved psychology, many separate selves, much karma to balance and so forth, but it is not a fallen being because it is now willing to transcend itself.


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