How can ascended masters students improve their material and financial well-being?

Question: Why is it difficult for the ascended masters students to improve their material and financial well-being? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Ukraine in 2019.

Well, again, I have to say it is individual for each one. But there are general tendencies. One is that, for many, many spiritual people, they have a negative attitude towards the physical octave, their physical bodies. And often also a negative attitude to money, where for lifetimes, you have built up this idea that this is not spiritual, and the body is an enemy of your spiritual growth and that the money can very easily become a distraction on the spiritual path. And of course, some of you have experienced in past lifetimes that money did become a distraction that caused you to go into this blind alley of seeking more and more money instead of pursuing spiritual growth. So this is one reason. And in order to get beyond this, you need to look at the psychology. Again, look at what separate selves you have in relation to your material circumstances and money. And then resolve those selves so you can develop a different attitude.

There is also a general tendency that many spiritual people simply are not so focused on the physical octave. Your focus is within, your focus is on the spiritual realm, and many spiritual people, again, in combination with thinking that the material world is an enemy of your spiritual growth, have simply withdrawn their focus from the physical world. You are more focused on spiritual growth or having spiritual experiences. And so your awareness isn’t there, your focus is not there.

Another aspect of this, is that for some people, they are not willing to actually look at the practical side of it. What does it take to manifest certain physical conditions? Do you want to have a certain house of a certain standard? Do you want to have a certain amount of money? Then, what are the practical ways that this could happen, given the society in which you live? How have other people manifested these conditions? And then you need to make an evaluation, is this something you are willing to do, are you willing to do what it takes to make the amount of money that you need in order to manifest certain material conditions.

Because as with everything in the physical octave, it has a cost. You need to spend a certain amount of time, a certain amount of attention. We also have to be practical. You may have to learn certain things about how to make money, or how to attain a particular job. And it requires a certain amount of time and attention. So are you willing to give this? Some spiritual people or not. But then you should make peace with the fact that you have a certain standard of living.

We know that there are many, many spiritual people who have a very unrealistic expectation that somehow when they do their spiritual work or pursue spiritual growth, then God should take care of the money. We have many, many people who have started using, for example, treasure maps or affirmations, thinking that this will manifest the money. But really, the Alpha aspect of manifesting better material conditions, is to overcome the selves that are blocking you from taking the practical steps. And the Omega aspect is to take those practical steps.

But it is also a matter of deciding what it is you want, what kind of a life do you want. And then you look at the physical octave, and then you might decide that, yes, I see that other people have a certain material standard of living. I also see what is the cost of attaining this, the amount of time and attention they need to use on this, and I am not willing to do this. So you make peace with having a lower standard of living that can be attained without spending as much time and attention on. But this is an individual decision you need to make.

What you need to try to avoid is, what we see in many spiritual people, is where you’re sort of in between the two states, you haven’t really made a decision. Will you do what it takes to get a material standard of living, or will you not? And if you will not, then you make peace with that. Instead, there are people who are not willing to do the practical things, but they are still spending a lot of time and effort on, so to speak, forcing God to give them the money by doing treasure maps or invocations, or meditations or affirmations, or whatever. But they’re not clear in themselves what they actually want.

And so, it is important to work on attaining that clarity in yourself, where you overcome these selves that block or color your view of the material world, so that you don’t see it as an enemy of your spiritual growth, but you actually realize that it is possible to be in physical embodiment, and to see many physical activities as part of your spiritual growth. And so instead of being in this no man’s land where you haven’t made a clear decision, work on getting to the point where you can have that clear decision of what you are willing to do, what kind of a standard of living you have, and what you are willing to do to get it. Or, you could say in another way, what time and attention am I willing to spend on my material circumstances. And then you make peace with the level of living that you can have, when you spend that amount of time and attention.

It truly is very important as a spiritual person, that you come to a point where you can start overcoming this sense that the material world, the Mother Realm, is an enemy of your spiritual growth. Now we notice this is a delicate issue, because when you are relatively new on the spiritual path, most of you face the task of pulling yourself above the mass consciousness. You have to pull yourself higher than those in your family and most people in your society. So, this means that you may have to focus more on your spiritual growth than on your material circumstances.

But this is just a phase, and there comes that point where you have pulled yourself above the energies, and now you have more freedom to focus on resolving your psychology. And as you resolve your psychology, you come to that phase where you stop seeing the material world as your enemy. And you realize that it is possible to use a physical material activity as part of your spiritual growth. Having a job, having a career, getting better and better at performing a certain task, can very much be part of your spiritual growth. And when you do dedicate some attention to becoming better at performing a certain task, then you need to accept of course that you are entitled to a certain monetary reward for doing this.

This messenger went through a phase where he realized that he was doing valuable work by being a messenger and putting out the books and websites. But he had not actually acknowledged that it was only just and fair that he received a monetary compensation that allowed him to keep doing the work. And therefore he had to open himself to actually accept this. And this doesn’t mean that he has a high standard living compared to most people, but it is adequate according to his needs.

And so, this is what you need to strive for, to find that individual balance, where you can actually see that the way you make money is part of your spiritual growth, even part of your spiritual service. You need to overcome this sense that your spiritual activities are here and making money is just something you need to do over here, and I want to spend the least amount of time and attention on it.

When you start resolving your psychology, you can bring the two together. And you can see that you can make a decent living in a way that actually helps you further your own spiritual growth, but also helps other people, the people you work with, because you can give them something that can help them grow. And so this becomes an upward spiral for you, where there is no contradiction between doing what you have to do to live in the material world, and pursuing your spiritual growth.


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