How can a pregnant woman best protect herself from lower energies?

Question: Dear Jesus, When a woman is pregnant, is she more vulnerable to dark forces and emotional trials. If this is so, why? And what could she do to protect herself psychologically as well as spiritually.

love Sara

Answer from Jesus:

When a woman carries an unborn child inside her body, she has to open up her energy field to allow for the lifestream and the energy field of the child to gradually mesh with the fetus. To do that, the woman has to accept energies from outside of herself and allow them to enter her energy field. Since much of this process takes place below the level of conscious awareness, it is quite possible that a woman can open her field to energies that are not part of the energy field of the child but an outside – and not necessarily benevolent – influence. You also have the fact that a woman’s body is under stress, and this can cause her to be weaker and more easily exhausted. All of this adds up to the possibility that if the woman does not remain balanced, she can be more vulnerable to dark forces than she normally is. This is one reason some women go through major emotional adjustments during pregnancy.

Another factor is that there truly are dark forces that seek to take every person away from the path of Christhood. Such forces will seek to attack the child even while that child is in the womb. The reasoning of the dark forces is that the earlier they can get some kind of psychological hook in the child’s consciousness, the more easily they can manipulate the child as it grows up. Some souls might already have such hooks from previous lifetimes.

It is the responsibility of both the father and the mother to provide the spiritual protection of the incoming soul, and also to protect the child until it matures and can protect itself. Obviously, current culture does not teach people about the spiritual aspects of life, and therefore most people are not aware of the need to provide for their own spiritual protection, let alone that of their children.

The ugly reality is that the dark forces are in no way deterred because of people’s lack of knowledge. You know that before people recognized the existence of bacteria, they would still become the victims of infectious diseases. Likewise, even though most people do not recognize the existence of dark forces or the need to invoke spiritual protection, they will still be the victims of the attacks of such forces.

As an additional complication, it has been a divine law for some time that parents are allowed to give birth to children who have greater spiritual attainment than themselves. This was done to speed the growth of the entire human race in order to break the downward spiral that would have led to humankind’s self-destruction. As a result of this law, many women have (in recent decades) given birth to souls of very high spiritual attainment. Even though a woman might not be consciously aware of this, the dark forces are keenly aware that such high souls represent a threat to them. Therefore, they attack such souls, and their parents, with all the power they can muster.

Please do not misunderstand these remarks. I am in no way trying to scare you or anyone else from having children. There is truly no influence from dark forces that cannot be counteracted by the light of God and by your wise choices to avoid the subtle lies of dark forces. Many women have provided adequate spiritual protection for themselves and their children simply by remaining balanced and remaining true to timeless principles and ideals, especially through practicing their religion. If they do not engage in negative behavior and do not take toxic substances into their bodies, many women will be adequately protected during pregnancy.

However, if you are a spiritually aware person, there is obviously much you can do to increase your protection. You can also cut your child free from any negative influences from past lives. I highly recommend that people give the Elohim decrees during pregnancy, as they give a good balance. Archangel Michael’s rosary is very efficient if you feel you are under severe attack. This can be a great advantage and give your child a much better start in life. Also, Mother Mary’s invocations will work both as protection and for the transformation of energy. They can also help to resolve psychological issues for your incoming child.

You see, while you carry the child in your womb, the proximity of your energy fields gives you a unique opportunity to help your child resolve psychological issues that might have burdened it for lifetimes. Many women are so sensitive that they feel such issues during their pregnancy. An outer aspects of this can be cravings for certain foods that are truly cravings that come from the soul of the child. Yet at deeper levels, a woman might also sense psychological issues that she has never noticed in herself before. The reason is that these issues are not her issues but those of the soul of her incoming child. Yet because the woman senses these issues, she can help her child greatly if she works on resolving them as if they were her own.

Because of the woman’s greater maturity and because she is not as attached to these issues as  the child, she can resolve such issues while the child is still unborn. This will allow the child to grow up without being burdened by these issues. If the issues are not resolved, the child probably will not be able to deal with them until adulthood, and by then the issues might have been reinforced by various experiences and have become so solidified that they are much harder to resolve. Incidentally, there is a real need for sensitive therapists to develop an entirely new branch of prenatal therapy. This could also help women have an easier pregnancy.


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