How and when to work on your primal self

Question: This question is about resolving primal self. Mother Mary mentions that when we get to resolve our primal self, the majority of our psychological problems will also fade away. I’m aware this is a relatively new teaching and more dictations regarding the primal self will follow. However, I still feel that I want a clear strategy on how to deal with this issue, besides Mother Mary’s invocation that is already provided. Do you agree that attempting to remove easily noticeable several selves first, and then gradually reaching the primal self is the best strategy? Or should we wait on this issue until we achieve some mastery of the seven rays, given the complex nature of it? Or do you have another suggestion? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2019.

Well, we have given now a series of tools and a series of books that is a pretty complete package for dealing not only with the primal self, but also [with] other separate selves that were created after the primal self. It’s not entirely correct to say that if we resolve the primal self, all of your psychological problems go away, because you can also have many other separate selves that need to be dissolved gradually.

We agree, of course, that it is a relatively new teaching we have been giving. And that means that before this teaching was given, then naturally people were also working on their separate selves, and of course, in a sense, working on the primal self. It’s also clear, as we have said before, even in the teaching on internal spirits that sometimes there can be some smaller selves that are blocking your vision of the deeper selves and therefore, it can be valid to work on them first and clear them away first. So, again, it is somewhat individual.

Now let me put it in a succinct form: There are certainly ascended master students who are not at this point on their path ready to work on the primal self. If you do not feel that this resonates with you, if you feel you have difficulty with it, or if you feel your mind reasoning or arguing back and forth about it, then I do recommend that you start on the course of self-mastery, and work your way up through the seven rays. What the seven Chohans have given you with this course and of course, the Maha Chohan, with his book on the internal selves or internal spirits, is that certainly also a gradual approach to working on your separate selves [would be a good approach]. So there will be some for whom this would be the best approach, to work through that first.

There will, however, be some students who are ready because they have followed the path for some time, who are ready to first go to the primal self and resolve that. Once you resolve that it will be easier to resolve the separate selves that were created later. But if you feel that this isn’t the right approach for you, because it’s too difficult for you to get in touch with the primal self, then it is valid to work on whatever selves come up, whatever selves you can identify.

And for that purpose, you can use the My Lives book, because by just reading that book and using your intuition and asking for our guidance, you will get some sense of what your own issues are. Then you can use the other books that have followed: Healing Your Spiritual Traumas, the book on Fulfilling Your Divine Plan, Fulfilling Your Highest Spiritual Potential, and Making Peace With Being On Earth. And if you work your way through these five books, then you either will have dissolved the primal self or you will have dissolved enough of these outer selves that you can be ready to work on the primal self. This will be the case for the majority of students.


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