How a few people can have a planetary impact

TOPICS: It is possible for people to change the weather – weather is a reflection of collective thoughts and karma – downward spiral for a nation – learn from Sodom and Gomorra – how even a few people can have a planetary impact – how spiritual rituals work –

Question: Is it possible to change our weather by thought or another process? The terrible drought that has been affecting Australia for four years now, is it a response to our collective thoughts or karma?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

It is indeed possible to change the weather, as Mother Mary explains in her discourses on earth changes. If a critical mass of people in a nation or a geographical area raise their consciousness and attain a critical level of Christhood, it will have a positive effect on the weather in that region. Yet until that happens, even a small group of people can have a major impact on weather conditions by using spiritual rituals. I recommend the use of Mother Mary’s invocations for this purpose. Simply choose the invocations that apply to the dominant state of consciousness in your nation.

As to whether the drought is a response to collective thoughts or karma, the answer is both. There is a very clear connection between the collective thoughts of the people in a nation and their returning karma. After all, it was the collective consciousness of the people that created the karma sometime in the past.

Yet it is also a fact that if a nation has not raised its level of consciousness since the karma was created, then the return of the karma will be more severe. In other words, the nation will not have created any savings in the cosmic bank account (it will have no treasures laid up in heaven) to counteract the karma before it manifests in the physical plane. And there will be no basis for God extending mercy to consume the karma before it manifests as natural disasters.

This can often create a downward spiral for an entire nation. You see, the key to overcoming past karma is to raise your consciousness and in order to do that, you must take responsibility for your situation. You must realize that the key to changing your outer circumstances is to change yourself. The key to overcoming the consequences of past choices is to make better choices in the present.

If people do not want to take responsibility, they will reap their past karma full force. This will often cause them to feel that they are the victims of circumstances beyond their control. They might even become angry at God and see it as his punishment. Unfortunately, this reaction only cements people in the state of consciousness that prevents them from taking responsibility for their situation. And if they don’t change themselves, how can they possibly change their future? They simply keep digging a deeper and deeper karmic hole for themselves.

A small group of people can have a major impact on this situation by using spiritual rituals to compensate for the lack of growth in the collective consciousness. Think about the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. God would have spared the city if a few righteous people could have been found. Likewise, even in today’s scientific society it is a fact that a few righteous people can hold back major calamities for their nation or even a larger area.

I can assure you that this is precisely what has happened since Mother Mary and Archangel Michael released their invocations. Even the relatively small number of people who have used the invocations over the years have had a major impact on this planet. The many other people who used various spiritual rituals and prayers and have striven to raise their consciousness have also made a contribution.

It may be difficult to understand that a small group of people can have a major impact on world conditions. Yet in reality, it is not the people themselves who create change. It is the fact that these people allow God within them to work through them and that they give God a chalice to work through by performing the spiritual rituals of the invocations. These invocations truly are powerful rituals that allows the light of God to stream into the material realm and thereby consume the darkness and the karma that could cause calamity on a world scale.

You see, the performance of a spiritual ritual forms a chalice so that the light of God can descend and be directed to a specific purpose instead of being spilled on the ground. God will not cast his pearls before swine, so unless someone on earth raises up a suitable chalice, the light of God will not descend. Therefore, the invocations truly form a spiritual chalice, a holy grail if you will, that becomes the open door for the light of God to stream into the material realm and create positive change. As I explained in my parable of the talents, God will reward the servants who multiply their talents (by using the rituals they have been given). One might say that God will multiply many times the light invoked by the invocations. So the more people use the invocations, the more light God has to multiply and the more positive change can take place.

So if you have used the invocations with personal benefit, allow yourself to feel that you have made an essential contribution to the positive changes that are occurring on this planet. And be not afraid to tell others about what they could achieve personally and what they might do for the planet by using these rituals. What I speak to you on this website, shout ye from the housetops.


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