Hostility towards Russian language in Ukraine 

Question: At this time, it is very difficult for many Russian speaking Ukrainians to switch to the Ukrainian language. And there is hostility towards Russian speaking Ukrainians, which is fueled by the Ukrainian authorities. Should we support the Ukrainian people in their categorical attitude towards the Russian language, and despite the psychological difficulties of many Russian speaking Ukrainians, switch to the Ukrainian language?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, first of all, as Jesus said, any nation must respond with their present level of consciousness. And hopefully they will then be able to observe how their level of consciousness is outplaying itself — what the consequences are, and then be able to raise that level of consciousness.

You cannot really be surprised by the fact that there is a hostility among the Ukrainian people towards Russia and Russians. You cannot be surprised by the fact that there is some suspicion of whether Russian speaking Ukrainians are sympathizers with Russia and Putin, and whether they are there to undermine Ukrainian national unity. How can you be surprised by this? Naturally, there are people who will outplay this. Hopefully this is only a phase that the nation has to go through.

Now, it is clear that what has happened to Ukraine is a dramatic shift in this nation’s history. It is clear that in order to move towards the golden age Ukraine needs to build a stronger and stronger national identity. And as part of that, it needs to shift to the Ukrainian language. This is simply necessary given the aggression from Russia.

However, this does not mean that Ukrainian authorities have to require Russian speaking Ukrainians to learn Ukrainian. This will be difficult, but primarily for people of the older generation. It is not unreasonable to switch to teaching only Ukrainian in school or using the Ukrainian language in schools and requiring younger people to learn Ukrainian. This is not unreasonable given the situation. It is simply a necessity for shifting into building a more coherent national identity as Ukraine.


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