Homosexual relationships are karmic relationships

Question: We would like to know the higher vision of people being gay. In the developed countries, should the state recognize gay marriage and what about homosexual couples adopting children?

Answer from Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels:

Jesus has given extensive teachings on homosexuality. What I will give here, is just a simplified comment on particular aspects of this issue. First of all, we have said before that we are not really concerned about whether a state recognizes the right of two homosexual people to live together in a committed partnership and therefore receives the same benefits, such as tax laws, as heterosexual couples. This is an issue for the state to decide. It is of course also an issue for the people to decide, and a nation has a right to decide not to allow this.

When it comes to allowing homosexual couples to adopt children, again, there is always free will, but we of the ascended masters do not recommend that any country allows homosexual couples to adopt children. Again, if you take what Saint Germain has discoursed on here about the shift in consciousness,  it is clear that when you rise to a certain level of Christ consciousness, it is obvious that there is a reason why it takes a male and a female body to produce a child. This reason is, of course, as was already explained, that everything in the world is based on the two polarities of masculine and feminine. This is simply the natural order of things.

However, when it comes to homosexuality on a planet like earth, we are again facing the situation that when people on a planet go into duality, they create very, very complex karmic relationships. It is entirely possible that two people, who happen to embody both in male or female bodies in this lifetime, need to live together in a relationship in order to have an opportunity to work out their karma with each other. What I am basically saying here is that all homosexual relationships are karmic relationships.

It is therefore, from an ascended master perspective, important to convey that we are beyond any human judgments, or value judgments. We do not judge or condemn anyone. Our only concern is to help lifestreams rise to a higher level of consciousness. Therefore we would like to make it clear that although a country has a right to outlaw homosexual marriage, we are not in any way supporting the traditional discrimination against homosexual people that you see in many societies.

We are not even supporting what you see in many countries that are based on the Old Testament: Christianity, Islam and Judaism where what was said in the Old Testament has been used to condemn and discriminate against homosexual people. Therefore, we want to make it clear that when you do rise to a certain level of Christ consciousness, you have no judgment, you have no anger, you have no looking down upon people living a different lifestyle.

However, when it comes to homosexual people seeking to make society recognize their lifestyle there is, again, a discernment to be made. It is in order that a society recognizes the right of homosexual couples to live in a committed relationship and have certain rights. But it is not in a higher order that a society labels homosexuality as natural, or created by God or created by nature.

Homosexuality was not created by God, it was not created by nature, it was not created by chance. It was created by choice. It was created because certain lifestreams became unbalanced in either the masculine or the feminine polarity. Therefore, for example, a lifestream with a strong masculine imbalance embodies in a masculine body, and therefore has an opportunity to overcome the imbalance through a homosexual relationship.

In other words, there is not necessarily a correspondence between the spiritual side, as we might say, of a soul and its physical body, and this is also what you realize when you see the higher Christ discernment. Then you see that the traditional roles of men and women are not set in stone, and that is why you can begin to see, as both Kuan Yin and Saint Germain said, that in order to have a higher golden age view of families, there needs to be a transcendence of these traditional roles that lock men and women in certain roles based on the sex of the body.

There may well be lifestreams that are now embodied in a male body, who could fulfill a traditionally more feminine role and be at home and take care of the children. There may now be lifestreams who are now embodied in a female body who actually, in order to fulfill their divine plan, need to take a more male role and be engaged in society or business.

When you raise awareness, you begin to become more fluid, and you begin to discern from a higher view. Thus you can transcend the traditional judgment and discrimination that only makes karma for both sides in a conflict. Many of the traditional religious people who actually condemn homosexuals based on their religious beliefs and a rather fundamentalist interpretation of them, actually make karma by doing so and we, of course, do not desire to see this for our students.


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