Higher role models based on taking a stand for principles

TOPICS: Role models should be those who follow universal principles – celebrity role models – the people admire those who are not following the crowd – admire those who stand for principles – 

Question: I was thinking about gender roles in the UK and the role models that we have in society, and the same for other parts of Europe and America. We have a situation where we have the media outpicturing people’s desires to aspire to celebrity lifestyles and a lot of related behaviors which are clearly not in alignment with the highest principles. So my question is, can you give us an understanding of how we can change this whole situation so that people desire to have higher role models which would then be outpictured in the media providing those. 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

That would be a consequence of speaking out about the need to reinstate higher principles, as other Masters and myself have spoken about in our discourses. For when you realign British society, and any society, with the need to base the institutions of society upon timeless principles, well then you will naturally create a new role model for both men and women, where those who are looked up to as role models are those who have the greatest allegiance to universal principles, the greatest understanding of these principles and the greatest ability to express these principles in practical measures that improve society and thereby give the abundant life to all people.

This can be in government, in religion, in inventions, in education, in music—in all aspects of society. But do you see, how very quickly this can shift? The fact that you have a role model today that is based on celebrity is a product of what we have talked about, of the sense that life has no higher purpose, and so those who seem to be the most glamorous, the most flashy, are the ones who get the most attention. For the media has become so enamored with presenting some kind of shock factor, some kind of sensationalism, that only those who are willing to step outside the norm have become the objects of attention.

But look behind this and realize that there is actually some element of reality here, in a sense that the people have an admiration for those who dare to not follow the crowd, but rise above the crowd and express some kind of egocentricity that makes them noteworthy. What you see in those celebrities is obviously a totally ego-centered expression, but behind it you see that genuine admiration of the people for those who are not following the crowd. And that admiration could very quickly shift to being focused on those who are not following the crowd because they are willing to adhere to higher principles and express their belief, their knowledge, of such principles, and to exemplify them in their personal lives, and even demand that society outpicture them as well.

So you see that the people, by a simple realignment of consciousness, can come to reconnect to who they truly are and what they truly desire to see. For the people have a love for principles and they have a love for those who express them. Which is why you saw their love for Princess Diana, for she represented that to the British people. And therefore, you will see that – very quickly – the admiration of the people can be refocused away from the ego-centered celebrities to the principle-centered true personalities and true leaders.


Copyright © 2008 by Kim Michaels