Higher level of the spiritual path and the concept of a Christ Self

Question: I want to ask about the concept of Christ Self, in the earlier teachings there was much talk of Christ Self but in the later years it is not even mentioned most of the time although in the invocation that we are now doing, there is in the rhymes, “the Key of knowledge given me. My Christ Self I embrace as you fill up my inner space” and in the books of abundant life and Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom it was said that Christ Self is a part of the ascended master body and it was not a part of us originally. And I wonder if there will be any more advanced teachings about this topic or why isn’t there any more talking about this. 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2018

My Beloved we give our teachings in stages and as I talked about last night, in the beginning we wanted to create a certain continuity between the teachings we are giving now and the teachings we were giving in earlier dispensations. So the concept of a Christ Self is naturally valid but it needs to be seen that the Christ Self is an intermediary – an intermediary step between you and your I Am Presence. But the goal that we have is of course that you come to a point where you begin to have a more conscious contact with your I Am Presence directly.

At that point you don’t actually need your Christ Self as an intermediary because you become more and more able to bridge the gap and receive intuitive insights from your Christ Self and your I Am Presence. This doesn’t invalidate what was said earlier and there are still people who find the teachings and they need the teaching on the Christ Self but we also need to recognise that there comes a point where we take our teachings to a higher level and at that higher level the concept of a Christ Self is no longer so important. It kind of fades in the background because you have more of a direct contact, you become the Open door for your I Am Presence and you become able to tune into the ascended masters. When I say you I mean basically the Conscious You but as long as the Conscious You is identified with aspects of the outer personality, you cannot necessarily make that distinction. So it is you as you currently identify yourself.


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