Hidden cause of the growing number of homeless people is elitism

Question: In Ireland we have a homelessness crisis that is unprecedented in the history of the state. In towns and cities we have the scandal of people sleeping on the streets and sleeping in shop doorways. We have families that are put up in emergency accommodation and their lives are on hold indefinitely. There is the cost of accommodation, the cost of housing is astronomical and this problem of homelessness has spread, I think throughout other cities and towns throughout Western Europe. The cost of housing and having a place to live has become unaffordable for many people – so my question is: What is happening in our Western cities and towns in Europe that having a place to live, having a roof over one’s head is becoming more and more the preserve of the wealthy and the privileged?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2018

My Beloved the growing number of homeless people is of course an outer visible sign that something is completely out of balance in the richest nations of the world. It is not a matter of enacting social programmes even though I am not saying this shouldn’t be done. But it is a matter of recognising that dealing with the symptoms and trying to help the homeless is not going to do anything about the root of the problem.

The root of the problem is simply this: the growing concentration of wealth in the hands of fewer and fewer people. In other words elitism is the problem. The main reason why people get homeless is that housing has simply become too expensive in many of the more affluent nations. It seems to be a spiral without end because it is of course driven by the fallen beings and by the elite who have such an insatiable greed for money, that they are willing to artificially raise property prices to the point where more and more people cannot afford housing.

This is something that will go on until a critical mass of people in the affluent nations wake up and realise, that we have an underlying problem that we need to do something about and that we can no longer accept that our democratic nations are becoming more and more elitist. Therefore through the financial means are becoming more and more like the feudal societies of the Middle Ages where the noble class owned the land and owned the people on it.

Another aspect of this is of course that, as housing prices go up, it puts pressure on wages. So you have on the one hand, artificially inflated housing prices and you have on the other hand artificially inflated wages, so that in order to pay for the expensive housing people have to make more and more money. That means that there are certain businesses that take the manufacturing of goods to countries with lower wages and that loses jobs in the more affluent nations so that there is a growing number of people without education who cannot find a job or who are forced to take the kind of very low paid jobs that makes them what is now become known as the “working poor.” In other words people who are working in many cases two jobs but all of their income goes into paying for life’s basic necessities.

So there needs to be a kind of revolution of awareness, where people recognise that if we in the democratic world, in the most affluent nations of the world have a growing number of people who cannot afford to find housing or who are working constantly but only make enough money to pay for the basic necessities, then something has gone wrong.

We have betrayed the very ideals that made us free democracies, that made us affluent nations in the first place. Because we have allowed a small elite to undermine those ideals by using the financial instruments that they have created and which we in our naivete have allowed them to create.

So we need to wisen up and take a look at how the economy functions, how the money system functions, how the financial systems function. We need to simply take these privileges away from the elite that we have allowed them to create for themselves or we have allowed them to manipulate our governments and the media so they could create these privileged positions. A privileged elite is not compatible with a free democratic society and it certainly isn’t compatible with a Golden Age in which the concept of servant leadership will be the only form of leadership that is workable.


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