Health  and energy of resistance

Question: I have recently discovered after a long study by my doctor to explain the high white blood cell count in my system for over a year that the activities of my white blood cells may have contributed to my natural immunity towards the coronavirus. While my symptoms were mild, I recovered very quickly. The only thing I experienced was the after-recovery side effects which some people call the COVID long hauler effect. Interestingly enough, I recently got the first shot of the mRNA vaccine through my inner guidance that it is safe. And afterwards, I felt an immediate complete peace and release of tension that I had held for close to a year. And also, the lingering effects of the COVID long hauler symptoms gradually melted away, like a hot knife on butter. 

Before the shot, I had used my energy healing training to reduce the inflammation and the side effects of the COVID long hauler symptoms. But it wasn’t until after the first shot that I felt a more permanent resolution of my health issues. Is this because I felt I had a resolution of psychology of the material world, namely vaccine hesitancy, and that I now associate more deeply and strongly that I am a spiritual being and that the material world cannot hurt me? But rather, the material world can help me with my spiritual growth and the vaccine I got was the symbol for that acceptance?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

It is very true that some of these vaccines can help people overcome the long term effects of having contracted COVID-19. It is also true as you say that there is a strong psycho-spiritual component in it, in the sense that your attitude towards your physical body certainly has an impact on how well the body elemental is able to do its job. When you decide to accept that the physical universe, the mother realm, is not your enemy, is not an enemy of your spiritual growth, it will have a positive effect on your body. When you decide to take care of your body and take practical measures to protect or heal your body, it can also have an important effect compared to when you are resisting something.

Many people in the beginning of the pandemic (I’m not just talking spiritually interested people but many people in general) felt powerless, they could not achieve a certainty that they wouldn’t get the virus. So they went into a state of mind of resisting. And this, of course, causes a tension in you. Then, when other certain measures were proposed such as keeping a distance, wearing a mask, not interacting in large groups and so forth, some people took these measures but other people resisted the measures. Then comes the vaccine and again, some people have decided to take them other people have resisted the vaccine.

But when you are resisting, what is the essence of the message you are sending to your body? You are really sending the message that you do not trust the mother realm. You do not trust your physical body. You do not trust that the body will not get sick or that it will not hinder your spiritual growth. If you have this history of resistance and you then decide to take a certain measure to help your body, then this can have a positive effect. Suddenly, your body elemental is freed from that energy of resistance that you are projected at it. And it is now able to actually heal your body faster.

This does not just apply to vaccines it applies to many other things in life, where you can consider yourself when you have health issues. Whether you are resisting something and what kind of a message are you sending to your body, to the material realm or whether you trust the mother realm. Whether you basically live in a friendly universe or hostile universe as we have talked about before. These are important considerations to make in any kind of health-related issue.


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