Having a better communion with your Christ self

Question: I have made the 33-day vigil, as you advised. Increased the sensation of the internal fullness. Every time I asked some question, but in most cases answers were dim and through writing only. Can during such vigils carnal mind to distort the message of the Christ? The thought about this forces to distrust in truth of the message. If this possible on this website, prompt, if I made all correct? I know that you can be connected to my consciousness. Possible, such question appeared beside many. Please, tell also, how differs the automatic writing from that what I did during the vigil?

Thank you very much.

Answer from Jesus:

I commend you for doing this ritual, and I encourage you to continue to use these tools, including the tools for spiritual protection and for the transformation of negative energy.

What my exercise is designed to do is to help you sharpen your intuitive faculties and establish a direct communion with your higher self. This communion is between your conscious mind, which abides here in the material universe, and your higher self, which abides in a higher realm. In between the material universe and the level of your higher self are several other levels of vibration, including your emotional and mental bodies. These other realms can act as noise or static just as the noise or static you have on a radio receiver. This can therefore influence and distort the messages you get from your higher self or from your Christ self,which is the bridge between your higher self and yoru conscious mind.

In my instructions to the exercise, you will notice that I encourage people not to ask questions about what to do, but instead ask for a higher understanding of the issue.

I encourage people not to consider the answers you get as absolute or infallible answers. You should still use your conscious mind and your common sense to make decisions based on the answers you get.

When you are new to this technique, there is a possibility that the answers you get from your higher self will be influenced by your emotional and mental bodies or even by outside forces. You can improve the connection through practice, whereby you become better at discerning the answers that ring true and the answers that are influenced by noise. This will come as you keep practicing the technique.

However, the noise or static that I am talking about is actually low-frequency energy that is either stored in your mental and emotional bodies or directed at you from outside forces. So by protecting your personal energy field from negative energy from the environment and by transforming the negative energy that is already stored in your field, you can gradually reduce the amount of noise and gain a clearer connection. Use the decrees and invocations for this purpose.

So not all of the answers you received were accurate, but that will be the case for virtually anyone who is new to this technique. However, please do not let this discourage you. There is a tendency in modern society that people expect immediate results from spiritual techniques. They think it should be like flipping a switch to turn on the light. That is not how it works on the spiritual path. Depending on your personal situation and your past, it might take some effort to establish a clear connection to your higher self. However, I can assure you that it can be done and that it will be well worth the effort.

When you write down the answers that come to you after the exercise, you are writing down thoughts that go through your conscious mind. You are not in a trance as people often are during automatic writing. You are writing down the ideas; it is not some outside force who is writing through you. If you feel that some outside force is writing through you, then I strongly encourage you to increase your spiritual protection or even discontinue the exercise.

Because the writing goes through your mind, there is always the possibility for interference. Nevertheless, it has never been my goal to turn people into mediums who write in a trance. It is my goal to turn people into Christed beings who gradually build such a strong connection to their higher selves that they can receive directions from above while they are fully conscious and in the midst of everyday activities.

I encourage you to continue the vigil, even if you do not have time to do it every day. Simply set aside time on a regular basis to perform the exercise, including spiritual protection. I also encourage you not to be too attached to getting specific answers. The more attached you are to getting answers, or to getting answers to certain questions, the higher the risk that your emotional or mental bodies interfere with the answers you get. In fact, to receive truly accurate answers, you need to be completely non-attached. You need to have what I called the mind of a little child or what Zen Buddhists call beginner’s mind.

Therefore, you might consider performing the exercise without having any specific questions but simply writing down the thoughts that come to you afterwards. The important point of the exercise is not so much to get specific answers as to establish a connection to your higher self. After you begin to establish this connection, you will often get the answers you seek after the exercise, at a time when you least expect it.

Simply allow the process to run its course. Different people will communicate with their higher selves in slightly different ways. If you keep experimenting without being attached to a specific outcome, you will gradually find your personal form of communication.


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