Guru Ma’s position in the spiritual realm

Question: What is Guru Ma’s position?

Answer from Ascended Master MORE:

As has been announced in a previous dispensation, Guru Ma and Lanello are meant to take up the leadership role at the retreat of the Sun over Lake Titicaca. God and Goddess Meru will then move on to take up the position in the sun, currently held by Helios and Vesta who will then move on to higher positions.

Yet, being the leader of a retreat, such as the Temple of the Sun, is a complex task. This will therefore require that both Guru Ma and Lanello go through an initial training period under God and Goddess Meru. This training period could not be begun until Guru Ma had ascended, and thus they will go through it together. This will take some time. I do not wish to put an exact number on it, but I am sure we will find cause to announce it when they take up their new positions.


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