God’s motive for creating

TOPICS:  The true Creator is not the same as the monotheistic male god – the pure love of creating – being part of the River of Life – your role in creation – atrocities committed by people who think God sees the world as they do – ultimate ignorance –  God will never fit into your mental box –

Question: Why did God create anything? What were his motives?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (December 11, 2010)

First of all, the God who started the process of Creation is not a “he.” The Creator has no differentiation into what is seen as sexes in a human sense. The Creator can be seen as the masculine polarity to the feminine polarity of the world of form. From that perspective, one can refer to the Creator as “he,” but it is wise to avoid this in order to make a clear distinction that the Creator is NOT the same as the monotheistic all-male God. The Creator is the source of form and is thus beyond form. Ascribing any kind of form to the Creator causes one to violate the first two commandments and worship a man-made God, a graven image.

Why did God create anything? Well, why does a rose radiate its fragrance? A being who has reached the level of self-awareness that makes it possible to create an entire world of form creates out of the pure love of creating. The Creator creates because it is the highest form of joy.

Another motive is, of course, to be part of the creative process, the River of Life. The Creator sees itself as a servant who is rewarded for its service by the joy it experiences from creating and from experiencing its creation unfold. The Creator serves by creating self-aware extensions of itself and seeing them grow toward the Creator consciousness so they become Creators in their own right.

Your Creator experiences its own creation from the inside through your localized self-awareness. Does this mean that the Creator experiences what you experience, and thus if you are sad, God will be sad? It does not, as the Creator has an omnipresent self-awareness, in contrast to your localized self-awareness. Thus, the Creator can never identify itself with any experience you have. That is your current role—until you have had enough of it and decides to stop identifying yourself with your current experience, and thus transcend that experience.

The Creator does experience what you experience, but it does not experience it as you experience it. Instead, the Creator sees everything that happens to you as an expression of the gift of free will. And because the Creator knows that it has defined a universe in which you can do anything you want without damaging your Self or the Ma-ter light, the Creator finds joy in seeing how winding of a path you can create for yourself before you come back to the point of illumination—where you again accept yourself as an extension of the Creator.

You might compare this to watching a movie. The movie is not particularly beautiful or entertaining, yet you can nevertheless admire the creativity exhibited by the director in creating it.

Obviously, this description is not a full or complete description of the Creator’s experience, as that can never be given in words. Yet it does give you two things to ponder. First of all, the real motive behind any kind of creation is the pure joy of creating and the joy of seeing your creation benefit the All.

Secondly, it is wise for a human being on earth to realize that the Creator – while experiencing what you experience – will never look at your experience from inside your mind. The Creator looks through your mind, and in so doing also sees what you do not see, namely how the role you have created colors your perception. Thus, the Creator knows that no part of your current experience is real—it is all a product of the perception filter you have created.

Some of the worst atrocities have been committed by people who have made the mistake of thinking that God looks at their experience the same way they do—and therefore would condone the actions they want to take. Some of the most closed-minded people are those who will not acknowledge that God does not look at life on earth the way they do—and thus it is up to them to expand their self-awareness rather than seeking to justify it.

Ultimate ignorance is to think that God is confined to the mental box into which you have confined yourself. The path of enlightenment begins when you realize that your mental box can never confine God or any ascended being.

You will never know the Creator as long as you seek to force God into your mental box, into your graven image. You will begin to know God only when you use God as the ultimate frame of reference for shattering your mental box and experiencing yourself as pure awareness.

You will know God when you experience life as God experiences it. And you can indeed experience how God experiences what you experience—which is the ultimate transformative experience possible on earth. This is when you will “see God” and no longer live as man. For you can no longer identify yourself with any role on earth.


 Copyright © 2010 by Kim Michaels