Giving invocations during exercise

Question: It takes a considerable amount of time to give a rosary or an invocation, is it okay to give them while I am doing simple exercises – for example cycling or on an indoor bike or working lightly on a treadmill. I want to know the difference in the effect of the rosary between sitting still and concentrating and physical exercising. 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2017.

My beloved I am trying to picture how you would read the rosary on your ipad while you are riding your bicycle.(lots of laughter) Of course I want you to be absolutely safe so that you do not get hurt in any way. But of course if you know a decree or an invocation by heart then you can give it while you are taking a walk or riding your bicycle or running on a treadmill. It really is so my beloved that the effectiveness of giving an invocation has a lot to do with how centred you are in your heart. How strongly you are able to tune into the master in your heart and how you can feel the light flowing through you. So if you can achieve this feeling while doing physical exercise it is not a problem for you to do this.

You can of course always say that giving a decree while doing exercise is better than not giving the decree. So if you do not have much time, then it can be a practical way to do it. But I would also like to point out to you my beloved that there has always been a tendency among our students that they decide with their outer minds that now I have to give a certain amount of decrees or invocations every day. In their enthusiasm they often set to high a goal for themselves. Then when it comes down to the practical realities of everyday life they realize that they do not actually have the time in their time budget to give as many rosaries as they had decided they want to give.

So all of a sudden giving a rosary becomes a burden, a sense of obligation, a sense of duty and it becomes something that can almost become a race my beloved where you feel with the outer mind that you want to do it so that you can feel you have done it. I caution you about not going into this approach. I would rather my beloved have you give one rosary where you have time to centre in your heart and give it with the inner feeling than having you give three invocations where you give them mechanically.

We have especially in some past organisations where there was a lot of focus on decrees and decreeing at very high speed seen many students who would decide that they had to give a certain amount of decrees every day and then they would give them so quickly that it was difficult for them to have that heart contact, the heart attunement with the master and they would so to speak go on auto pilot. And they would just mouth off these decrees as fast as possible and then afterwards they would say “Phew! that was the 40 Astreas for today, now I can move on to other things.” I am not saying that doing this does not have an effect, but it does not have as big an effect as giving nine Astreas where you have the true attunement in your heart with Astrea. Or giving one invocation with attunement to the master rather than three invocations that you give almost mechanically.


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