Genetically modified food

Question: The masters comment about genetically modified food.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2017.

Well, my beloved, there is of course nothing that is entirely black and white on Earth, as you are beginning to realize. So, you need to recognize here that we are facing a very delicate problem on Earth. Our goal is of course to raise the consciousness, to manifest the Golden Age, to get the fallen beings off the planet, and many other goals like this. But the gap between the highest goal that Saint Germain envisions for his Golden Age, and where the planet is at right now is actually very large in the sense that Saint Germain has a vision that requires such great leaps in consciousness that most people would barely be able to fathom it right now.

So, we have to work with the level of consciousness that most people have right now, and this means that in some cases we are actually using, and even releasing, certain ideas, that are by no means the highest possible. But they can form an intermediary step that can help the planet move forward in some way. So you need to recognize that there are times where we face a very delicate challenge. Should we release a certain idea that can give rise to a new form of technology, knowing full well how the fallen beings might abuse that technology, but still seeing that it can serve some positive purpose?

The ultimate challenge that we face in this regard was the release of the ideas that led to the creation of the atom bomb. Naturally, we could see immediately how there was the potential for a planetary nuclear war that could essentially destroy the entire planet. We also saw that humankind was in a cycle, and there was actually a very profound reason for that which we have not yet exposed, but will expose in the future, where wars could become more and more destructive with conventional weapons. And that the only thing that could realistically stop this process was the release of a weapon that was so terrible in its consequences that even the most war hungry people would be forced to think twice about using it.

And so you see that there are many other technologies where we face a similar dilemma. Ideally, in the Golden Age there are certain changes that will be brought about through consciousness alone. But as an intermediary step, because we cannot bring humanity up to that level quickly, we sometimes have to release a technological solution that brings people, or the planet, forward. And so you actually see that Saint Germain has been doing this since he ascended where he saw, for example, that most people spent so much of their time and attention on making a living that they did not have time and attention left over to pursue the spiritual path, and so he saw that the only realistic way to change the equation was to release technology that could empower people to produce what they need to sustain the physical body without so much labor. And that is why he has released a number of technologies that allowed people to produce more food, for example, and other things, with less human labor involved.

And we are facing other dilemmas like this where we sometimes have to take certain measures. And you see for example, that one of the issues we are facing is that naturally, we know that the planet is designed to sustain ten billion lifestreams and in the Golden Age there will be ten billion lifestreams on the planet. You actually see that there are some scientists and futurists who have already started to talk about the fact that population growth will not continue indefinitely, but that there will come a point where population growth slows and the planetary population stabilizes, and some of them have even predicted that there will be around ten billion people.

But we have seen for many, many years that one of the only ways to overthrow the control that the fallen beings have over Earth is actually to increase the population. We have said it before that if you go back to the Middle Ages and look at the feudal societies where you had a basically agricultural economy, there was only a certain amount of people that could be sustained by what such a society could produce, by the amount of food that could be produced.

And so, when certain technologies and knowledge was released that decreased infant mortality and certain diseases, and increased the lifespan, then you saw that the population started growing and there simply came a point where the feudal societies could not be maintained because they could not feed the people that were alive, and when people are faced with starvation and death, they are willing to take a step to overthrow the political order that otherwise they didn’t think they could overthrow, or that they shouldn’t overthrow because it was the way things were meant to be, and it gave them a sense of stability.

And so you see that population growth is still today a very important factor in challenging the status quo, not only in certain nations but even on a planetary level. We have said before that basically the rich nations of the world are now living like the feudal lords and there are large parts of the world that are like the peasants, but they are becoming so numerous now that they cannot sustain their life and this means that there needs to be an overthrow of the planetary order where the rich nations begin to share much more and there is more wealth created in the poor nations.

So naturally when the population increases we see that what do you do to produce enough food to sustain the population? And you see because of the lower state of consciousness that the planet has, that there are certain diseases that attack certain plants, and therefore it was decided that we would actually release the technology whereby scientists could begin to genetically modify certain plant species to allow them to produce more so that more food could be produced, certain diseases could be counteracted at the genetic level instead of you having to spray them with chemicals that also go into the food and go into the body, and so forth and so on.

And so, what I am saying is that genetically modified foods are by no means an ideal solution. It is not a long term solution, and of course that anytime scientists, especially those who have a materialistic approach, start messing with the genetic code, there is always the potential that something can go wrong by accident or that they can deliberately try to do something that will allow the fallen beings to have control or even allow them to create some kind of condition that now decreases the population and therefore, they think they can get back to a state where they have more control.

So yes, genetic modification, both in terms of foods, but also in the human body, can of course be abused. You saw, for example, in the 1990s, the entire effort to map the human genome. And this was driven by the fact that there were people who thought that it would be possible to identify a gene that created a certain disease, and then it would be possible to come up with some kind of medical technology or medicaments that would modify those genes and therefore eradicate the disease. But what drove this was that there were companies that seriously thought that they could take out a patent on some of this and therefore gain the monopoly on curing certain types of diseases, and they could make inordinate amounts of money.

There were also those who had even more negative intentions and were hoping that it would allow them to modify the human genes, for example, so that the production of children would be decreased with a certain factor so that the population would stop growing because fertility would be lowered through genetic modification. And some of course, still think so and are attempting to do this.

But the bottom line here in terms of genetically modified foods is this: there are many people, the majority of the people on Earth, who are at such a low level of consciousness that the most important thing for them is the survival of the physical body so that they have an opportunity to be in embodiment. And for these people, genetically modified foods basically do not have a decisive influence, neither on their physical bodies nor on their life in general. The influence of this is insignificant in the overall scheme of things. But it is significant that they have food to eat, and so it is better for them to eat genetically modified foods than to either die from starvation or be malnurtured and therefore have a lesser life opportunity because they are constantly undernourished.

Then there are people who have a higher level of consciousness such as the top ten percent and the spiritual people. And again, the influence on you is insignificant because as you know, and as we have told, you are not defined by your genes. Your bodies are influenced by your genes, but your spiritual growth is not when you reach beyond the 48th level of consciousness. You actually, even when you rise above the 48th level of consciousness, you actually start transcending the influence of the physical body, and as you walk through the course of self-mastery and walk towards the 96th level, you come to the point where you have less and less influence from the physical body on your spiritual growth.

The body does not hold back your spiritual growth and so again, you may look at life, you may look at people, and you may look that you have certain diseases or certain tendencies that you carry with you, and you can say, as the popular saying goes, “Oh, this is in my genes.” But as we have told you, the physical body is a product of the three higher bodies, so a disease is not in your genes exclusively. It’s also in your three higher bodies. So, you may be born into a family that has a long history of having a certain disease that goes from generation to generation, but you’re not having the disease because you were born into that family. You were born into that family because you already had the consciousness of the disease in your three higher bodies. That is why you were magnetized to that situation, in most cases, because you wanted to force yourself to confront that consciousness and overcome that consciousness.

So, we could say that the reason we have not given much teaching on genetically modified foods is that we don’t consider it one of the major hindrances that we want you to make calls on. Obviously, there are changes that will happen in the field. Obviously there will come a point where you do not need to physically modify the foods because as the consciousness is raised, the genes of both plant species and the human bodies will change. The real way to change the genes is to change the consciousness, and this will happen as we move further into the Golden Age.

But as an intermediary step, we evaluated that it was necessary to release the knowledge and the technology to physically modify genes because it could have a short-term effect that had a more positive effect on the survivability of the people in poor nations than the negative effects. So the positive outweighed the negative, and therefore we released the technology. It is clear that there will come a point in the Golden Age where it will not be necessary to modify genes physically, but this will require a substantial raising of the consciousness that will take decades to achieve.


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