Genetic experimentation and human-animal hybrids

Question: In her “Course in Abundance”, Mother Mary talks about the dark side of technology and the necessity to develop the wisdom not to do certain things even though we can. Earlier this month in a joint project between US and Chinese scientists they successfully created early embryos that are part human and part monkey. They claimed to have destroyed them after 20 days. Debates are ongoing about whether or not this type of research is ethical. What are the consequences of this kind of research if it is taken further? And was this research done in previous civilizations and what effects did it have on the evolution of consciousness of that civilization? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar for Russia – Overcoming the consciousness of Superiority and the Sense of Being Unwhole, Traumatized and Focused Outside Oneself.

Well, we have both in previous dispensations and briefly in this, one mentioned that in previous civilizations there was even more genetic experimentation or manipulation than there is currently. Your civilization today is of course moving towards having those technical capabilities and it is clear that, as Saint Germain said in his dictation, that he has released technology primarily to give people the freedom of time and attention and energy to pursue more spiritual growth.

But, another side of the release of technology is actually that it forces society to debate certain issues: Can we do—should we do, everything we can do? If something is technically, scientifically possible does that mean that we should do it, not necessarily out of moral or ethical concerns, but out of a concern for our own survival, the long term effects that it has on us and society.

You can see that clearly nuclear bombs is the kind of technology that forced humankind to consider: Should we use the nuclear weapons even though we have developed them? They were not at the level where they could consider should we even develop them for obvious reasons that the fear is that if we do not do it the other side will do it and then they can blackmail us or destroy us.

This is of course part of the dualistic game that never ends until some nations transcend it and decide, as some nations have decided, not to develop nuclear weapons. But at least it has forced civilization to decide not to use them so far. And this has prevented a third world war that could have happened previously because people were too afraid that they would be forced to use nuclear weapons and it would have too destructive consequences.

The same, of course, applies to technology to manipulate the genes because it is technology that in past ages has been used to create hybrids between humans and animals that have had both negative physical effects but also negative effects on the consciousness of civilizations. You have the old concept that goes back to Old Testament times, as we talked about the Ten commandments, that something is forbidden by the law of God and this actually is not the higher view of it.

You can look at planet earth and you can say that there is no law that forbids you to do what is technically possible because whatever is possible on earth is within the law of free will for earth. God does not forbid people to do this and the reason for this is that in order for free will to outplay itself, people must have the option to do something that is self-destructive and then the question is how will they use that to learn? Will they have to use it and destroy themselves in order to learn the lesson or will they be able to learn it by considering the consequences?

It is clear that gene technology is certainly one of these areas where much debate is needed and it cannot be done as long as the thinking and the debate is controlled by religion on one side and materialism on the other, in other words the different religions where materialism is just another religion. There needs to be a transcendence of this, there needs to be an ending of the era of ideology where you can begin to look at the actual practical consequences.

It is not a matter of what you believe is going to happen or what you believe you should or should not do. It is a matter of recognizing that everything you do in the physical has consequences and what are those consequences and do we want to experience those consequences or do we want to stop them, stop doing what we are doing before the consequences become physical, or even before they become emotional, mental, or at the identity level?

But this is, of course, more out in the future before society will be able to debate this, but they certainly can debate the physical consequences. But it cannot be done as long as there is this ideological overlay where people are trying to force the universe to function according to man-made ideas or rather ideas made by the fallen beings.


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