Gender equality and changing gender

Question: This is about gender equality and people wanting to physically change sex. I know the masters have talked about how we have male and female parts of our beings, so my question is with what trending right now is that valued for the golden age or is it something that is coming from the dark forces. I don’t know if it is happening here in Europe. In the United States, you know, they have like men using ladies’ rooms and women using the men’s room, the dressing rooms both male and female are allowed in there. Is this where we are headed? And they are also stating that when you are born, regardless of what your body is, you choose what sex you want to be based on. So is that like a dark force thing or is that where we are headed towards the golden age, to go back and forth and choose what sex you want to be based on?  

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2017.

My beloved, you do not choose your sex based on the day, but based on the particular lifetime. The problem here with this entire issue is that people do not have an understanding of the spiritual reality and of reincarnation. Therefore, you think that you have only one lifetime and it is somewhat of a coincidence that you are in a male or female body. Therefore, you should able to choose or if you do not feel identified with the sex of the body, then you should be able to change it.

The reality of the matter is, my beloved, depending on what is happening before you come into embodiment, you will have some opportunity to choose the sex of your physical body. I say some, because it is not so that you can just ignore your karma. If you have a particular karma that it is important for you to balance in this lifetime, then you can see very clearly that the only way to balance that karma is to take embodiment in a particular type of body. Therefore, you cannot simply freely choose, but you still choose to take embodiment as a man or woman, or in a male or female body, because you want to balance the karma.

Now, the issue that comes in here is that shifting from one body to another is not an easy task. If you have been in embodiment as a woman for several lifetimes, switching to a man requires some adjustment. Depending on your level of consciousness, it can happen quickly or it can take longer. For some people it takes longer, and so they come into embodiment as a woman after having been embodied as a man for several lifetimes and they cannot make the switch. I should actually correct myself here and say: they come into embodiment in a female body after having been embodied in a male body, and suddenly they cannot identify themselves as a woman because they have this momentum of being in a male role. This is the basis for much of the confusion about the sex you are in.

Much of this debate does come from certain dark forces who, of course, want to trip people up. If they can make you unhappy about the body you are in and if you cannot change the sex of the body you are in, well then, they have a lifetime of unhappiness where they can extract energy from you. They can, of course, also use it to create chaos and confusion in society.

My beloved, the issue goes even further because what you have in so many societies on earth is that for centuries, even millennia, you have had very narrowly defined roles for men and women. How are we going to break up these traditional gender roles? You can see, for example, in Islamic countries how women are trapped into a certain role. Men are, for that matter, also trapped but they do not so often see it because of the way the culture is. It gives certain privileges to the men based on exploiting the women.

What is beginning to happen is that there is a certain legitimate consciousness that is beginning to arise that these traditional gender roles need to be transcended. This also means that you need to transcend the way the two sexes relate to each other. For example, it is not necessarily wrong that you overcome this segregation, this separation of men and women. This can help soften up these traditional gender roles.

As with any new issue, in the beginning there are often some very unbalanced people who embrace the issue but there can still be validity to the issue. What actually happens is that in many cases, we are releasing a certain impetus to bring about a change in awareness, and there are some people that attune to this and attempt to bring about this shift of awareness in a positive way.

The dark forces always want to prevent the shift in awareness and one of the ways they do this is that they use certain people where they can take over their minds. Then, they direct these people to enter this issue, but to come out with such an unbalanced view of it that most people immediately step back and do not want to have anything to do with it. Most people recognize how unbalanced the approach is but they cannot see beyond that, to see that it is a certain validity to the issue.

Yes, certainly, in the golden age the gender roles will change and they will change dramatically. This might require some intermediary steps where you go through some things that are quite frankly a little bit immature in the long run, such as men and women sharing the same dressing room. Well, I have no real problem with it, but it is of course not going to solve the problem because the consciousness that needs to shift is much, much bigger.

You also need to begin to discern here, and ideally recognize that you chose to a large degree the physical body you are in embodiment within. What you really should do as the highest potential for your lifetime is to work on your psychology until you can make peace with being in a male or female body. Now, I am talking about the sex of the body, not your sexuality, because this is a much more complicated issue, which we have commented on before at length, with homosexuality. I do not wish to go into it here.

You should come to a point where, regardless of your sexual affiliation, you are at peace with being in a male or female body, because you cannot really change it. Sure, you can have a sex-change operation, but does that really make you happier? In most cases, it does not.

This would be the ideal situation. Of course, the issue of breaking up gender roles is also a much, much bigger issue than what we are talking about here. I will give more teachings about this in the future when I will give teachings about how you can liberate women from much of the exploitation they have been exposed to over the millennia.


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