Freedom of press and internet in Russia

Question: The question is about the issue of free access to the internet in Russia. The latest cases that have occurred in Russia are in connection with blocking of the messenger/telegram and many other websites have been blocked. The government plans further interference in the internet and further control over the information published. Is this a threat to people and their freedom? Is this a threat to peoples’ freedom? Is there any chance of some favourable development to this situation?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Kazakhstan in 2018

Well, of course it is a threat to their freedom because what is it that should make you free? Well, it has traditionally been seen as the truth. So naturally what has happened in Russia is that the democratic freedoms have been undermined. You clearly see how freedom of the press has been basically aborted and you see therefore that not only in Russia but also in for example China, governments are working very, very hard to limit peoples free access to the internet.

This by the way is another reason for Russian ascended master’s students to learn English. If you can speak English you have access to more information on the internet and it will be more difficult to block it. Is there a chance of a positive development? Well, it would require the Russian people to stand up to the authorities and protest against limiting the access to information and demand more access to information. Is this likely to happen? Well, not in the immediate future. It will probably require a more severe situation before the Russian people decide that they have had enough of the current form of government.


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