Freedom from the primal self

Question: Dear masters. When we finally get a fairly good grasp of the basic framework of our birth trauma, and we try to dismantle it and make it die, it seems not to be an automatic liberation from the primal self. I feel that demons in the collective consciousness keep on pinching this old scar again and again despite my advances. Expecting this liberating epiphany from the primal self, is this an inordinate desire? Is it a subtler detachment and we have to live with these permanent attacks from outer energies?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2023 Korean Conference.

You are correct that expecting some ultimate automatic breakthrough is an unrealistic expectation that will most often lead to disappointment. You can certainly have a certain breakthrough in terms of resolving the primal self, but you will have other selves that were created after the primal self, and it may take some time to resolve them also. It may also take you some time to come to the point where you can come to identify the projections from the dark forces, see them for what they are and just let them pass through you. While you have the primal self and other selves, you are so used to taking these projections in because you feel that you are somehow obligated to pay attention to this because whatever feeling you have in your primal self will, of course, be magnified by the projections, and so you feel that if you really have done something wrong you should feel guilty, for example.

Yes, for most people, it will be a process to overcome all of the selves that were created as a result of your birth trauma and the long process where you have been in embodiment on earth and often been exposed to trauma in other embodiments. It is more prudent to expect that this will be a process, and, as we have said, you are not ever home free as long as you are in embodiment even though there can come a point above the 96th level where you go into this state of non-attachment where the dark forces cannot really influence you anymore and where you do not have those separate selves created in your birth trauma or from other traumas. What you have left is the selves that are associated with the levels between the 96th and the 144th level of consciousness, but these are not created as a result of trauma. You can certainly reach a state of inner peace and equilibrium, but it is wise to not expect some very dramatic breakthrough as some people out there are striving for or are talking about. It is wise to remain in the state of mind that there is always another illusion to look for as long as you are in embodiment.


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