Free will choices of other people can influence what happens to you

Question:  Is it true that we are the creators of our own reality to the extent that everything we experience in the manifest world has been created by us in our three higher bodies, through our beliefs, thoughts and emotions prior to our experiencing it? This would include all of our most negative experiences, everything that has been perpetrated on us by the fallen beings, everything that has happened to us while we have been in physical embodiment. Have we somehow made ourselves a vibrational match to it prior to it happening? Or can something happen to us that we have not created and when we are not a vibrational match to it?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, I will answer that because the masters have given certain dictations over the last few years where they have said that, first of all, you live in a world where there are other self-aware beings with free will than yourself, so it is possible that somebody can choose to do something to you that you really haven not created yourself, and so you need to recognize that you live on a planet where there are many other people and their free will choices will also influence what happens to you. It is not just your freewill choices. The other thing is that you of course live on an unnatural planet where many people are in the duality consciousness.

This planet is very, very chaotic and of course you live on a planet that is under the influence of fallen beings so, for example, you can see what they have said about avatars. You come onto earth as an avatar and you are exposed to this very, very traumatic event that gives you this cosmic birth trauma and makes you create this primal self. You did not have this in your being when you came as an avatar. You did not create a vibrational matrix in your three higher bodies that corresponded to what the fallen beings did to you, so this was perpetrated upon you by the fallen beings. Now, what we have created since then is that we have created in our three higher bodies all of these separate selves that are reacting to conditions on earth. What we can say now that we have created these selves is that, in many cases, we may have a self that has a certain belief that bad things can happen to us and this may very well precipitate these things happening to us because we need to come to the point where we see the self and let go of it.

Even so, we still live on a chaotic planet with free will, and so we have to find a delicate balance where we have to say: “I take responsibility for my own state of consciousness. I realized that my own state of consciousness will have some influence on what happens to me.” But there comes a point on the spiritual path where you realize that not everything that happens to you can be explained by something in your own state of consciousness. What you do at this point is you start looking at: “It is actually not what happens to me that is determined by my consciousness, but my reaction to what happens is determined by my consciousness.”

And this is where you can come to a point where you realize that the next phase for you is to work on changing your reactions to anything that happens on Earth. You overcome your reactionary patterns which all spring from a separate self. So when something happens to you it is not so much that you need to say: “Do I really have something that negative in my consciousness that corresponds to this event?” but you can look at your reaction and say: “What can my reaction tell me about the separate selves I have?” and then you work on that, you come to see that and you let the separate self die.

You need to come to a point on the spiritual path where things can happen to you that are not necessarily positive but you do not react to them anymore, you have no reaction to it, you have as little reaction as possible. This is what is illustrated in the story of Jesus and the Buddha where Jesus said: “The prince of this world cometh and has nothing in me,” and the Buddha was under the Bodhi Tree being confronted by the demons of mara and they tried to create some kind of reaction in him.

This is the more constructive point when you have walked the path for a while and can come to a point where you sense you have basically balanced your karma and so what happens to you is not a result of your karma or something you did in the past, but you can still use it as an opportunity to look at your reaction to it. We have to recognize that while we are still on earth, which is an unnatural planet, we have to allow free will to out play itself and this means that we can be exposed to certain situations.

You can say some people have been impacted by the corona situation, some people have lost their jobs. You could go in and say: “Oh, is this me personally that has something negative in my being that caused me to lose my job?” But you could also say: “Is it really just simply an outplaying of the collective consciousness that caused this epidemic and maybe my personal role in this is to look at my reaction, and to look at what is the opportunity I could get out of this happening? Is there maybe a new direction I can put my life in? And could I overcome some separate selves that would help me overcome the reaction so that I can see this opportunity, I can see this as an opportunity, and I can see the new direction I can go in.”

It is just one of one many examples, where you look at your reactionary patterns. Your reactionary patterns will often block you from seeing whatever happens as an opportunity. We have to be aware also that sometimes things can be an opportunity. For example, if you lose a job, it can be because it is time in your Divine plan to find a different way to make a living, maybe even a different career path. And so, if you allow your separate selves to cause you to react to the situation, then you cannot see this as an opportunity. You cannot see the doors that are opening. But if you overcome those reactionary patterns, then you can see it as a new opportunity and say: “What is the new direction I could go in with my life? And how could I turn the current situation into an opportunity for growth?”


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