Four lower bodies and Christhood

Question: Is that true that the four lower bodies of the lifestream always exist together, even if the lifestream is not embodied in the physical octave? When the lifestream begins to unidentify with its four lower bodies do they actually stop to exist?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia in 2017.

You have to make a distinction my beloved, between the physical body as a physical thing and that aspect of the mind that is most closely connected to the body. So, what we teach is that when you come into a particular physical embodiment you are taking on a physical body created specifically for that lifetime. But you already have in your four bodies an aspect of the mind that is designed to link up directly with the physical body you are taking on in that lifetime, and obviously that aspect of the mind you carry with you from lifetime to lifetime. But when you pass out of embodiment, of course the physical body is dissolved.

So you do not carry the physical body with you, but you carry that aspect of what we might call the physical mind, the physical aspect of the mind along with of course, the emotional, mental, and identity levels. And so, these four levels of the mind, not the physical body, are also together when you out of embodiment and you are working on them when you are out of embodiment according to your level of consciousness.

They are many lifestreams on Earth that are not awakened to the spiritual path and therefore cannot really consciously work on their four lower bodies while they are out of embodiment. They often spend their time out of embodiment either resting or going through some other experience that might have an impact on their continued growth. But those who are on their spiritual path, especially when you move onto the stages of Christhood, you can work consciously on your four lower bodies in between embodiments. You can do a variety of things. You can purify them, you can heal them of traumas and wounds, you can also according to your level of attainment, create certain patterns in the four lower bodies.

It is not the best way to describe it that when you begin to attain Christhood, your four lower bodies do not exist for you because as long as you are in embodiment, you need the four lower bodies. You are directly connecting to the physical body through that lowest aspect, the physical mind, but your I Am Presence, the light from the I Am Presence still flows through all levels from the identity to mental, to the emotional, and then into the physical. So, you always need four lower bodies as long as you are in embodiment.

Now what happens as you move towards Christhood, is of course that you have purified your bodies, you have raised your awareness so you have depersonalised your life as we have now said several times, and that means among other things that you are not letting the four lower bodies limit you and your expression. You are not pulled into patterns of wounds in the four lower bodies.

So, we can say that as you move towards Christhood, your four lower bodies have less and less of a limiting impact on you, both how you feel, how you look upon life, but also your ability to express yourself. In other words, there isn`t the resistance in your four lower bodies that there is at lower levels.

Many people have such patterns, such accumulated energy that there is a resistance in their four lower bodies and when they attempt to, for example, envision an idea of what they would like to see happen to them and put their attention and energy on it, then there is resistance in the four lower bodies that decreases or diminishes their creative efforts.

As you move towards Christhood you have less and less of this resistance and so you can come to a point where you simply are not limited. You actually pay very little attention to your four lower bodies or you recognize that sometimes there will be a reaction in your emotional body to some event or some projection from the outside but you are conscious enough that you can decide not to go into it, not to feed it your energy, not let it take on a life of its own where it becomes a spiral that feeds on itself and therefore takes your energy.

And so the same in the mental body: there can be certain beliefs that are in the collective consciousness and you might be in a situation where you encounter this belief or it is projected at you, for example, by a group of people, but you are conscious enough that you can see that this is not truly what you believe or how you see life and therefore, you can avoid feeding it energy. You don`t have to run with that thought and keep going with that thought or think that it has any significance for you.

The same of course is at the identity levels: so many times there are projections against you, that you should behave like the other human beings or be a normal human being and as you move towards Christhood you pay less and less attention to this. You are focused on being who you are, you are focusing on your divine plan, your I Am Presence; you are focusing on being the open door so that you can be spontaneous in the moment.

Obviously if you have a lot of patterns in your four lower bodies that are pulling you into various reactions then you cannot be an open door for I Am Presence or the Ascended Masters. So this is part of depersonalising your life when you do not have this resistance or you need diversion in your four bodies that pull you away from what you are really here for.


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