Foundational teachings on how to interpret and act upon prophecy

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Question: I have gone through the same process followed by many spiritual seekers. I was brought up without much awareness of prophecy, but in my early twenties, I started studying spiritual teachings and also came across various prophecies, from Nostradamus, the Bible and Edgar Cayce. I then found many more modern prophecies from various sources, including channelers and ascended masters. When you read just a section of what’s out there, it is very easy to become confused and overwhelmed. It is easy to feel that there is not much hope for the future of this planet, so why even make an effort to change yourself or the world. So I am wondering if Jesus can give us some hints about how to deal with prophecy. I have friends who have completely given up on all spirituality either because a prophecy did not come true or because different prophecies contradict each other. I mean, are we moving into a golden age or are we going to hell in a hand basket?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I consider it important that all sincere seekers attain a correct understanding of prophecy. There is a multitude of both true and false prophecies circulating on this planet. Many people have been unnecessarily burdened by such prophecies. Many people have used prophecy to generate fear. Many people have used prophecy, or rather a literal interpretation of prophecy, to reject rationality or religion. Many people have been unnecessarily confused by prophecies that do not make sense or seem to contradict each other or natural laws.

I would like to offer some thoughts that can help you gain a deeper understanding of prophecy. Let me say that prophecy is a very complex topic. I do not desire to write an entire book on prophecy at this time, so the following is simply a foundation to get you started.

 Should prophecy be taken literally?

The greatest problem we of the ascended masters face when we give spiritual teachings (including prophecy) is the dualistic mind and its tendency to think in black-and-white terms. This is what causes people to take a spiritual teaching and interpret it literally. The main problem with this literal interpretation is that it often causes people to go into a state of denial. There are two different versions of denial that I would like to address.

The teachings and prophecies in the New Testament were given to people in a specific state of consciousness, and therefore I used words and images that these people could accept. Many modern Christians are still attached to a literal interpretation of these words and images. However, in today’s rational world some of these words and images simply do not make sense when interpreted literally (in reality, they were never meant to be interpreted literally).

If people insist on a literal interpretation, they will inevitably experience a conflict between that literal interpretation and a rational, scientific (one might say common sense) approach to life. Many people are not able to deal with this conflict, and so they go into one of two forms of denial:

  • Some people hold on to their religious beliefs and therefore deny anything that seems to contradict their literal interpretation of those beliefs. This often causes such people to abandon all reason and rationality in an attempt to uphold their beliefs. If you take an objective look at how some Christians have interpreted my teachings, including modern and ancient prophecies, you will see that people have created some truly bizarre ideas in order to uphold their literal interpretations.
  • Some people cannot hold on to their religious beliefs, and therefore they sink into doubt, despair or discouragement. Some people eventually become so enveloped in doubt, that they reject all religion. However, the only reason why people cannot resolve their doubt is that they insist on holding on to a literal interpretation. For example, many modern people see that certain religious statements (when interpreted literally) are not at in accordance with the natural laws discovered by science. Therefore, they reason that a particular spiritual teaching, or even all religion, must be false. The obvious alternative is to look beyond a literal interpretation. If people are not willing to do that, they will inevitably be plunged into a state of consciousness dominated by fear and doubt.

I would like to see all human beings resolve their doubts concerning religion, spirituality and prophecy. However, this can only happen if people are willing to reach beyond the relativity of the dualistic mind and reach for the insights that come from their higher selves, their Christ selves. When you do look beyond the dualistic mind, you realize that all spiritual teachings, including prophecies, can be understood at different levels. Even the New Testament records that I taught the multitudes in parables, but expounded all things to my disciples. This should prove to even the most literal Christians, that my teachings can be understood at more than one level.

Once you begin to look beyond the literal interpretation, you find a much deeper meaning in spiritual teachings, including prophecies. You begin to see that many teachings and prophecies do not necessarily refer to the material dimension. Throughout history, many people have been given true visions of future events, yet in many cases the events were going to take place in the spiritual dimension. Yet, when people attempted to describe such events, they used words and images that made sense to them, and therefore they often described a spiritual event in a way that made it sound like a material event.

Let me give you one example. Matthew 24, 29 records a prophecy that I gave to my disciples. It states:

Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light . . .

Based on what I will show you in the rest of this section, I think you can see that this particular statement could be interpreted as a spiritual event. For example, a period of tribulation or darkness can refer to the descent of negative energy that often accompanies the transition from one age to the next. Although this descent of energy might trigger certain outer events, it is primarily an event that takes place in the spiritual dimension.

Did my prophecy refer to the material sun and moon, or did it have a symbolical meaning? Many teachings, both ancient and modern, talk about a spiritual self. It is through the spiritual self that people receive intuitive insights, understanding, enlightenment and comfort. During a descent of negative energy, it becomes much more difficult for people to commune with their higher selves. Some spiritual traditions say that the higher self has various aspects and compare them to the sun and the moon. Therefore, the above passage could be interpreted to mean that when there is a descent of negative energy, people can no longer contact the sun and the moon of their higher selves. Therefore, they will literally feel like they are in spiritual darkness. This interpretation can also be applied to my statement: “Work while the have the light, for the night comes when no man can work.”

I hope you will use these ideas to rethink your attitude towards and your interpretation of both prophecy and spiritual teachings. I hope you will go deeply within your heart and allow your higher self and me to give you a deeper understanding of the true spiritual meaning behind the outer teachings. If you will make an effort to establish this inner communion, you will find that your spiritual life will be enriched beyond your current expectations.

 The goal of prophecy

Let us take a look at the goal of all true prophecy. When we of the ascended masters give a prophecy, we give it exclusively as a warning. Our intent is to warn people (sometimes humankind as a whole) that unless they change their ways, certain undesirable consequences are likely to occur.

Let me make this clear. Prophecy is not an intent to create fear or to make people feel that they are being punished by God. As I explain throughout this website, human beings have created their own situation. If you misuse God’s energy, you will inevitably produce certain consequences. You will reap as you have sown. Therefore, prophecy is a warning that if you continue in your present misuse of God’s energy, you will experience the consequences.

The true goal of prophecy is to make people realize, that they have created a self-destructive spiral, and unless they change their actions and their state of consciousness, that spiral may lead to their own destruction. One might say that the true goal of prophecy is to make people realize the folly of their ways, so they can decide to turn their lives around and come up higher in consciousness.

The hope for a turnaround 

Our goal is to bring all human beings back to a sense of oneness with the ascended masters and with each other. God’s kingdom is a state of consciousness, namely the Christ consciousness. Because so many people have fallen into the separate state of consciousness, namely a state of consciousness that is dominated by the relativity of the dualistic mind, many people are actually in the process of moving further and further away from Christ consciousness. Many people are literally sinking deeper and deeper into a lower state of consciousness.

For an individual lifestream to start the process of rising out of the lower consciousness, that lifestream must first reach a turning point. The lifestream must come to an inner realization that it is moving away from God. Then, the lifestream must decide that it does not want to continue in that direction, and it must begin the process of coming back home. If a lifestream has descended to a very low state of consciousness, fear is the only thing that can make the lifestream turn around. This might be a fear of negative consequences, a fear of hell or a fear of the wrath of God. Such a fear can indeed be sparked by a prophecy.

We of the ascended masters desire every lifestream to turn around, but we do not want people to live in fear. We want all lifestreams to begin the spiritual path whereby the lifestream consciously realizes and accepts that it has the potential to put on Christ consciousness. Therefore, after a lifestream has turned around, we want that lifestream to quickly move away from fear. We want the lifestream to put on its individual Christhood, and thereby gradually overcome its fears.

Throughout history, prophecy has awakened many people to the need for change. If this does happen (or has happened) to you, simply be grateful for the fact that you have realized the need to come up higher. Then, realize that even though your personal turnaround may have been motivated by fear, fear should only be a temporary motivation.

 Is prophecy always accurate? 

Many people, especially in this rational age, subscribe to the idea that unless a prophecy is fulfilled to the letter, then it was a false prophecy. Some people use an unfulfilled prophecy as an excuse for rejecting a particular religion or even all religion. I must tell you frankly that this reaction originates in the dualistic mind and it’s tendency to think in black-and-white terms. When a prophecy is given, it outlines what might come to pass. It rarely describes an inevitable outcome.

Some human beings have a desire to see certain prophecies come true. Yet, we of the ascended masters do not desire to see our prophecies come true. The simple fact is that a prophecy only comes true if people do not heed the warning and change their ways.

If people heed the warning, then a prophecy can be partially or completely mitigated. We always hope that every prophecy will be mitigated so that the predicted events do not come to pass. Therefore, to us a prophecy is successful only if the predicted events do not occur. If people do not heed the prophecy, and the predicted events do occur, then the prophecy has failed (it has not had the desired effect).

Because so many people are caught up in the dualistic mind, they tend to think in black-and-white terms about everything that relates to religion (and everything else for that matter). Such people tend to think that when we give a prophecy, that prophecy must be completely accurate and therefore describe events that will certainly come to pass. However, in reality no prophecy is ever completely accurate. It is simply not possible for us to predict exactly what will happen on planet earth. I think you will realize why when I describe the basis of prophecy.

 The basis of prophecy

When we of the ascended masters decide to give a prophecy, we look at three main factors:

  • Misqualified energy. As stated throughout this site, everything you do is done with God’s energy. When people engage in negative thoughts and feelings, they generate negative energy. Energy cannot be destroyed, so it is stored in the energy fields of individual human beings and in the energy field of the planet. If you send radioactive energy into your body, that energy will eventually produce a cancerous tumor. Likewise, when people continue to send negative energy into the earth body, the earth body can eventually become so burdened that it produces what human beings call natural disasters. The energy can also become so intense that it causes upheaval in society.
  • Returning karma. Human beings are constantly generating energy impulses that are sent out into the universe. These impulses will inevitably be returned to them. The common term for this phenomenon is karma. When such karma is returned to people, or to a group of people, it can manifest as natural disasters or upheaval in society.
  • The psychological conditions of a group of people. One of the most unpredictable factors that affect prophecy is how human beings will respond to certain situations. If their self-generated energy reaches a certain intensity, people are likely to react in negative ways. But exactly how will they react? When karma returns and things begin to break down in society, how will human beings respond to this? Planet earth is a warring planet. Whenever conditions intensify, there is always a risk that people will respond with anger and violence. But exactly how will they respond, and how far will they go?
    We can look at the past records of an individual lifestream and a group of lifestreams. Based on these observations, we can predict how people are likely to react to a given situation. Yet, human beings have free will. Therefore, we can never predict with certainty how people will react. While this might seem like a curse, it is also a potential blessing. We of the ascended masters always hope that humankind will choose the higher road, and that is indeed why we give forth prophecy.

Prophecy is probability, not certainty

It is unfortunate that the war between science and religion has caused so many devout Christians to be suspicious of science. Quantum Physics has demonstrated that at the subatomic level you cannot predict the outcome of an event. You can predict the probability of certain outcomes, but you cannot know exactly what will happen until you make the observation.

This also applies to prophecy. We can predict the probability that certain events will happen, but we can rarely predict with certainty. When you understand that prophecy is given as a warning, in the hope that people will turn back prophecy, you understand that we are never trying to predict with certainty. We are simply trying to predict which one of the potential outcomes has the highest probability of manifesting.

In most cases, we give a prophecy far ahead of the predicted event. Our hope is that people will heed the prophecy and mitigate the event. However, if this does not happen, then the probability increases. The closer we move to the time of the predicted event, the higher the probability that the event will occur. In other words, there simply isn’t time for people to turn back the prophecy.

Therefore, we do sometimes give a prophecy because an event is so close to occurring that it is unlikely to be mitigated. We seek to warn those who have ears to hear, so that they can protect themselves or escape the situation. While such instances are indeed true prophecies, they are not the kind of prophecies we like to give. We always seek to warn people far ahead of time, in the hope that the predicted events will never occur.

The language and images of prophecy

To fully understand a spiritual teaching, including a prophecy, you need to understand something about the context in which the teaching was given. A spiritual teacher appears for the purpose of raising people to a higher understanding of the spiritual side of life. You cannot give people a higher understanding if they are not willing to listen to you, and they will not listen to you unless you use words and images that they can understand and accept. Therefore, when I walked the earth 2,000 years ago, I used words and images that were palatable to the people at the time (given their state of consciousness).

In that age, most people were in a much lower state of consciousness than the general population of today. Some modern scholars have correctly discovered that there is an evolutionary process whereby humankind’s consciousness is gradually being raised to higher levels. You will even see this in the scriptures.

During the Old Testament cycle, people moved out of a magic and into a mythic approach to life. At the time of my mission, people were heavily influenced by a mythic state of consciousness. People thought in terms of mythological images that were closely related to their sensory experience of the world. Their ability to think in abstract terms was limited.

The old testament prophets painted the picture of an angry God who was ready to punish people for their sins. When I appeared, I painted a different picture of God, namely as a benevolent and loving heavenly father figure. This image reflected the fact that people were beginning to move out of the mythic state of consciousness and into a more rational state of consciousness, as witnessed over the past 2,000 years. Still, I could not give people a deeper understanding of the spiritual side of life, and I taught the multitudes in parables.

My point here is that when I gave the teachings and prophecies recorded in the New Testament, I used images that were suited for the time. Because most people have now grown into a more rational state of consciousness, you cannot simply take such words and images and interpret them literally.

Back then, people believed that God created the world in seven days. I realize that even today many people hold on to this belief. However, because we now live in a more rational age, a great number of people are able to accept the idea that God created the world in seven stages or cycles that were far longer than one day.

You cannot take a Biblical prophecy out of the context in which it was given and use the mindset of today to interpret it literally. In other words, I do not desire to see people remain attached to a literal interpretation of Biblical prophecies. I see many Christians who actually have a desire to see such prophecies come true in a misguided attempt to prove the validity of the scriptures. As I have already stated, an unfulfilled prophecy is not necessarily a false prophecy. Therefore, an unfulfilled prophecy does not question the validity of the scriptures.

It is my hope that modern Christians can quickly grow out of this preoccupation with a literal interpretation. However, this will only happen if people understand that any spiritual teaching has several valid interpretations. In other words, a spiritual teaching can be understood at different levels. [NOTE: The scholar Karen Armstrong has explained that Christian fundamentalism is actually a byproduct of the rational mindset. Before the advent of science, most people did not take the Bible literally but understood it as mythological stories with a deeper meaning.]

 The end of the world

Certain New Testament prophecies predict major planetary changes and talk about the end of the world or the end of time. How should the people of today interpret such prophecies?

Let me make it clear that people in a mythic state of consciousness can become very focused on the concept of the end of the world. Even today, many sincere and devout Christians have a strong belief that the end of the world is imminent.

Let me state this as clearly as possible: God has no intention whatsoever of destroying the world. God wants to see this planet continue to be a schoolroom for lifestreams. Because everything in the material universe is temporary, there will eventually be an end to time and space as we know it. Yet, I can assure you that this is not something you need to worry about in your lifetime.

The concept of the end of the world is meant to illustrate the end of a spiritual cycle, the end of an age. During my mission on earth, most people were very attached to their immediate surroundings and they could not think beyond what they saw around them. For example, people had a very narrow concept of the the size of the world. In people’s minds, the world was much smaller back then. If a prophecy predicted an event, such as a volcanic eruption, that would produce a dark cloud covering a large area, then people believed the event affected the entire world (it did affect their “world”).

You must understand that expressions such as “the end of the world” or “darkness covering the world” do not have the same meaning today as they did 2,000 years ago. In many cases, you simply cannot take such statements literally. Therefore, I encourage you to seek inner direction from your higher self and thereby overcome all fear that the world might suddenly end.

The birth of a new age

When the earth passes into a new age, there is always a potential for certain changes in the form of natural disasters or unrest in society. Because this occurs every 2,150 years, there will normally be an increase of prophecy before such an event.

I gave certain New Testament prophecies to describe the transition from one age to the next. However, because of people’s mythic state of consciousness, I had to use images they could accept. At the time, many people were preoccupied with the idea of the end of the world, and most of them looked at this as a final or absolute event. Therefore, they often thought my prophecies described a final or absolute event and that my prophecies always referred to the material dimension.

Before the earth enters a new age, certain spiritual requirements must be met. Ideally, people should balance some of their karma and purify some of the misqualified energy that burdens the planetary body. If the karma or negative energy has not been balanced and consumed, then the Karmic Board can require that this energy must descend upon humankind before the beginning of the new age. In other words, people must pay certain debts, so they can enter the new cycle with a cleaner slate.

This descent of karma can cause certain changes, and prophecy is given as a warning so that people can mitigate the changes by balancing the karma and requalifying the negative energy. Thereby people can smoothen the transition into the new age. In today’s world, such a descent of karma has been occurring for several decades, and the dedication of many spiritual people, in both traditional religions and the New Age movement, has already averted many calamities.

Obviously, many people have not let go of their attachment to the mindset and beliefs that belong to the old age. Many people have not embraced and accepted the energies and the mindset of the new age. Therefore, it is still quite possible that the earth will go through various birth pains. I want you to realize that although many dangers have passed, the planet is “not out of the woods yet,” as the popular saying goes. Therefore, I want you to pursue Christhood and inner attunement so that you can know what you should personally do in these coming times.

Yet, first and foremost I want you to move out of fear. Whatever changes may occur, it will not mean the end of the world. These changes are simply birth pains, and they will bring in a new and better age. I want those of you who are committed to the path of personal Christhood to maintain a positive vision and to remain at peace no matter what might happen. I want you to keep putting personal Christhood above all else and to maintain the positive vision that God’s kingdom will manifest on earth through your personal Christhood and the Christhood of millions of your brothers and sisters. We of the ascended masters have a great vision for planet earth. We also have a great need for people in embodiment to grasp and hold that vision.

 How to respond to prophecy

When we of the ascended masters give a prophecy, we always hope that people will choose to change their outer actions and their state of consciousness so that the prophecy can be mitigated. We never intend a prophecy to generate fear. However, it is inevitable that prophecy will generate fear in some people, and it is very important that you understand why.

You must understand that prophecy is always given to people who are suffering from some degree of spiritual blindness. If they had a true spiritual understanding, they would not have started the negative spiral that leads to undesirable consequences. In other words, if people truly understood the spiritual reality, it would not have been necessary to bring forth a prophecy.

There are many degrees of spiritual blindness. When people descend to the lower levels of spiritual blindness, they cannot be reached with a spiritual message. We of the ascended masters can see what will happen if such people continue misusing God’s energy. We see that they have created a self-destructive spiral, and we see the inevitable consequences.

What are we to do in such a situation? Are we to simply stand by and allow people to destroy themselves? Are we to talk nicely to them about possibly changing their ways just a little bit? Or are we, as an act of last resort, going to attempt to bring forth such a dire prophecy that it can awaken people from their spiritual sleep?

We generally feel that it is more merciful to bring forth a prophecy, even if that prophecy generates fear. It is an unfortunate fact that when people are in a very low state of consciousness, they can only be awakened through the fear of consequences or the fear of punishment.

As spiritual teachers, we simply have to work with people in their present state of consciousness. Our first task is to awaken them. If they can only be awakened by fear, then we will attempt to awaken them through fear. However, for us this is truly a last resort.

What I am trying to say here is that our goal is to awaken people and help them come up higher in consciousness. If they can only be awakened through fear, then so be it. However, that fear will not help people come up higher in consciousness. Therefore, we do not want people to remain in a state of consciousness that is dominated by fear.

 Prophecy and fear

A prophecy can be likened to sending an electric current into someone’s body in an attempt to restart their heart. The fear of punishment can work as an electric shock, and it can literally jolt people out of their spiritual blindness and restart their spiritual hearts.

However, once a person’s heart starts beating, you immediately switch off the electric current. The problem is that when it comes to prophecy, we of the ascended masters are not applying the current of fear. This fear is generated in the consciousness of an individual human being, or in the mass consciousness of an entire group of people. Therefore, we cannot turn off this fear. It is up to human beings to overcome their fears.

I want you to understand that God has no need to be feared by people. God simply wants all of his sons and daughters to come home. You cannot come home to God’s kingdom as long as you fear God, because your lifestream will always seek to run away from its fears.

How do we of the ascended masters want people to respond to prophecy? First and foremost, we want people to heed the prophecy. We want people to come to an inner recognition that unless they change their ways, the predicted events might indeed come upon them.

If you have been awakened by a prophecy and if that prophecy has generated fear, then I want you to look at that fear as something you need to overcome as quickly as possible. Once you have heeded the warning and decided to change your ways, your fear has served its purpose. Holding on to the fear will only hinder your spiritual growth. Therefore, do not continue to focus on the fear of prophecy. Instead, you should focus your attention on pursuing the spiritual path and gradually putting on your personal Christhood.

The danger of fear

Why is it so important that people rise out of the fear generated by prophecy? One reason is that fear is in direct opposition to the goal of the ascended masters. Our goal is to see God’s kingdom manifest on earth, and the key to attaining this goal is that people put on individual Christhood. Fear is in opposition to Christ consciousness. If your mind is dominated by fear, it will be very difficult for you to put on even a small portion of your Christhood.

Another reason is that people create their own reality. Therefore, it is a very real possibility that people can bring upon themselves that which they fear. The greatest danger about giving a prophecy is that people’s fear can actually make that prophecy come true. People can literally become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Let me give you an example of this danger. One of the greatest dangers on this planet is the threat of a large-scale war, possibly a world war. If such a war were to happen, the main cause would be fear. A world war must involve free democratic nations. Such nations are rational enough to realize the dire consequences of unleashing modern weapons. Therefore, such nations will go to war only because they fear that the consequences of not going to war will be worse than the consequences of going to war.

I have told you that misqualified energy is stored in the energy field of the entire planet. Every time a person generates fear, that fear adds to the sum of fear that is stored in the energy field of the planet. Therefore, if you allow yourself to remain in a state of fear, you can actually contribute to bringing about a war. I am sure that if you are reading these teachings, you do not want to help bring about such a war. Therefore, I trust you can see the value of quickly letting go of your fears.

How do you overcome fear? By sincerely pursuing the path of personal Christhood. As you begin to put on that Christhood, you will begin to feel the unconditional love of God. The love of God is the perfect love that casts out all fear. Therefore, I want you to let go of your fears and embrace the path of personal Christhood. Do not let your fears, be they fears of prophecy or any other fears, prevent you from striving for personal Christhood.

 Christhood is the key to mitigating prophecy

I must tell you frankly that in this age it is no longer enough for people to change their outer behavior in response to prophecy. In the Old Testament dispensation, humankind was in such a low state of consciousness, that it simply was not possible to make them understand the path of personal Christhood. Therefore, the goal of Old Testament prophecy was to make people change their outer behavior. In some cases, as documented in the Old Testament, people did change their behavior and their city was spared.

You are now living in a different age. The goal of my coming to earth was to take people to the level beyond the Old Testament consciousness. At this new level, you need to change your inner behavior; you need to overcome the state of consciousness that I call the dualistic mind. You need to put on Christ consciousness.

Therefore, you must realize that in this age the key to mitigating prophecy is individual Christhood. It simply is not enough that people change their actions, light a candle or even pray. I am not saying that prayer does not have an effect. I am not saying that changing your ways does not have an effect. What I am saying is that these measures are not enough to turn back the prophecies that relate to this age. Such measures can lessen the effect of prophecy, but they cannot completely mitigate prophecy. The only way to completely mitigate current prophesies is for a critical mass of people to put on individual Christhood. Nothing else will do.

I hope you realize that these words are not meant to generate fear. They are meant to make you accept that if you are concerned about prophecy, you need to play an active role in mitigating prophecy. The only efficient way to mitigate prophecy in this day and age is for you to put on individual Christhood.

Giving birth to a new age

As explained on this site, the earth is now in the process of passing out of the old (Piscean) age and into the new (Aquarian) age. Every time the earth moves into a different age (or spiritual cycle), it must go through a process of adjustment and change. What is really happening is that the earth, and the consciousness of humankind, is giving birth to a new age, a new level of consciousness. In fact, humankind is meant to give birth to the Christ consciousness.

The passing of the old age can cause upheaval in the earth body and in society. This upheaval, these birth pains, are in part caused by people’s tendency to hold on to the old state of consciousness. Unfortunately, many people hold on to the old state of consciousness and refuse to leave it behind. By doing so, they contribute to the danger that there will be upheaval in society before the new age can be born.

Compare this process to the rising of the spring waters that flood the rice fields. This event happens every spring, and it nourishes the soil. One year, people decide they do not want the fields flooded, and they build a dike to hold back the water. The water keeps rising, and people build the dike higher and higher. This simply damns up the water and creates more pressure. The higher the dike, the higher the pressure. As the waters keep rising, the pressure eventually reaches critical mass, and the dike can no longer hold it back. This releases a violent flooding of the land, and the violence is in direct proportion to the pressure behind the dike.

This compares to people using their old beliefs in an attempt to build a dike to hold back the rising waters of the new state of consciousness. The more people cling to old ideas, the more pressure is created. The higher the pressure, the more violent will be the events that release the energies of the new age.

You can also compare this process to a woman giving birth to a child. You know that the woman’s state of consciousness can greatly influence the process of delivery. If she is fearful or dominated by other negative emotions, she can prolong her own labor and make it much more painful. If she is completely relaxed and calm about the process, she can give birth with very little pain.

If people hold on to the old state of consciousness, especially if they hold on to fear, then that vibration of fear can affect the entire planet. It will work against the mitigation of prophecy, and it can actually prevent people from doing the one thing (putting on Christ consciousness) that will turn back prophecy. If people focus their attention on prophecy and allow their thoughts and feelings to be colored by fear, that negative energy, might prevent the mitigation of prophecy.

 How to interpret prophecy

How should you respond to a given prophecy? What actions should you take to mitigate the prophecy or protect yourself from the predicted events?

If a certain prophecy has helped you reach a personal turning point or seems important to you, I do not want you to ignore or discard that prophecy. Instead, you should assume that the prophecy has some kind of message for your lifestream. However, in order to grasp that message, you need to make a sincere effort to rise above any fear associated with the prophecy. You must realize that fear will always cloud your judgment.

To truly know whether a certain prophecy has relevance for you, you must go through the inner process of attunement with your Christ self. Only your Christ self can give you the correct discernment, the correct understanding, of how to respond to prophecy.

I do not want you to misunderstand these teachings. The true goal of the ascended masters is to help you attain Christ consciousness. The true way to turn back and mitigate prophecy is for a critical mass of people to put on Christ consciousness. However, this does not mean that it cannot be appropriate for you to take certain outer precautions because of a particular prophecy.

As the earth gives birth to the new age, upheaval can potentially occur at many different levels. You must be practical about this and remember that God helps those who help themselves. In other words, in certain situations it might be necessary and prudent for you to take certain outer actions in order to protect yourself from predicted events. However, to determine what is right for you personally, you need to get inner direction from your Christ self.

If a particular prophecy has special meaning to you, then you should assume that the prophecy has a message for your lifestream. However, you should also recognize that the true message might not relate to outer actions or events. You should recognize that as long as your state of mind is dominated by fear, you will not be able to hear the inner message from your Christ self.

Therefore, make a sincere effort to rise out of fear and tune in to your Christ self. Use the techniques I have given on the toolbox LINK website and any other spiritual techniques that appeal to you. Then, allow yourself to receive the inner recognition of what you should do concerning a prophecy.

 Misuse of prophecy

Millions of Christians, and other devout seekers, have allowed prophecy to propel them into a state of consciousness dominated by fear. Thereby, they have made decisions with their outer minds, decisions based on fear. They have decided what they must do to avoid the things they fear, and in some cases people’s fears have caused them to abandon all reason.

When people respond with fear, they often go into one of two extremes:

  • Some people think they only have to do spiritual work, and then God will save them. Many Christians believe that their prayers or rosaries are enough to protect them against any calamity. I would like to ask such people to consider why God told Noah to build the ark. In other words, why didn’t God simply tell Noah to pray or light candles?
  • Other people think they have to take elaborate physical measures to protect themselves from predicted events. In reality, these people use a prophecy as an excuse for abandoning, the path of personal Christhood. They simply say: “I have to put my spiritual growth on hold while I prepare for the events that I fear can come to pass.” In other words, they think that preparing for physical survival is more important than spiritual growth.

Both of these extremes represent an incorrect reasoning, and they do not help the cause of the ascended masters. As always, you must strive for balance. You must understand my true inner message: “Seek first the kingdom of God, and all else shall be added unto you.” The true meaning of this statement is that you must first seek to put on your individual Christhood. As you put on that Christhood, you will gain the inner understanding, the inner discernment, that will empower you to see what, if anything, you should do about a particular prophecy.

When you allow your mind to be taken over by fear, you begin to believe that outer actions are the key to your survival (be they religious or survivalist activities). In reality, the key to your survival is Christ consciousness. That Christ consciousness might propel you to take certain outer actions. However, these actions will be based on inner direction instead of fear. Therefore, they will not cause you to be irrational or irresponsible.

Some people have, in the process of pursuing the spiritual path, come across a prophecy which filled them with fear. They have then used that fear to set aside spiritual growth and go into one of the extremes described above. If this has happened to you, do not condemn yourself. People have done much worse things as a result of fear. Simply recognize that this is a blind alley, and then make a sincere effort to reconnect with your spiritual path.

The true key to survival, physical and spiritual, is Christ consciousness. Seek it first, and it will give you the inner direction that will add all else unto you.


Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels