Form and elementals

Question: Question is about form and elementals

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia in 2017.

Naturally any form is not strictly speaking created by the elementals but more generated by the elementals in the sense that elementals do not envision a form and then create it. They take on a vision that is given to them or imposed upon them by self-conscious beings with free will and so the elementals then out-picture the form. This can be a plant, it can be a tree, it can be a rock, it can be an animal. The reason why I had given the teaching that I want people to focus on the elementals not having a separate form is that so many people have become attached to these very cute images of gnomes or sylphs or other forms of elementals and it is actually not helpful for people’s Christ discernment that they are locked into these ways of envisioning the elementals. That is why I gave the image that it is more constructive to think that the elemental takes on the form, becomes the form, and it is the way it is for elementals at the more basic level.

Now we have also given teachings that elementals can gradually grow in consciousness and as they gain more experience, as they gain a higher level of consciousness then they can begin to have more of a separate form, but these forms are not forms that I want to give you a specific image of because if you are strictly honest you can see that what people have done in the past is that some people have had the ability to sense that there are beings beyond the physical. There have been many people who have had this more attunement with the earth level and they have been able to sense the gnomes, for example. So they have correctly sensed that there are certain beings but then they have done what people are so used to doing. They have taken a vision based on how life is at the human level and projected that vision onto the elementals, and that is why they have projected this image over time that the elementals look like these cute little gnomes with long beards or long braids in their hair and wooden shoes and this and that. While this was acceptable in previous times when people had a more mythical, magical state of consciousness and didn’t necessarily take these things so literally, it has become non-constructive in the modern time where people are more literal — more rational, and so you have these people who live in today’s age but they are still holding on to this image.

You have many more people who are in the literal, rational frame of mind and they simply cannot believe that elementals exist because it makes no sense to them that they look like these old images and they’re in a sense correct. That’s why I have given a new teaching that I want you who are our students to let go of these old images and set yourselves free from them but first of all, set the elementals free from them so they can be who they are, they can fulfill their mission and those who have developed a higher consciousness can then move on freely without feeling like they have to respond sometimes to what human beings are projecting upon them.

You need to recognize that elementals serve. They do not have self-awareness. They can as we have said become individualized, receive the three-fold flame and then take embodiment as humans. But as long as they are still elementals, they are not self-aware so they do not make the choice as such, and they are very used to responding to humans. So when humans are projecting upon them these images, some elementals feel obligated to respond and even take on that form to some degree, but then it traps the elemental in that form preventing it from moving on. So in the modern age it is more constructive that you can simply let go of this, realize that it belonged to a past age, that it was cute, innocent but that it simply isn’t the highest view. And then you just let it go.


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