For those who came with Sanat Kumara, it is time to make your ascension

TOPICS: The 144,000 who came with Sanat Kumara – reconnect to who you are and strive for your ascension – most people oblivious to Sanat Kumara’s mission – best way to accelerate the planet is by people making their ascensions –

Question: I have read about this bit of history of Sanat Kumara coming to earth. The first time I heard a dictation on this by Sanat Kumara I wept almost uncontrollably. It was an effort not to weep and soak everything with my tears and runny nose. In other dictations by Sanat Kumara I had similar experiences. I have not been able to gather the exact reason for this reaction of mine. I suspect that I have some connection with the 144,000 and Sanat Kumara. Could you please provide some coaching on how I should be looking at this experience, why it happened, what I should gather from it.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The vast majority of the 144,000 lifestreams that descended to earth with Sanat Kumara, have not yet ascended. They have waited for the opportune moment, when the earth had been raised sufficiently that they could take their leave of this planet. That moment has indeed arrived, so it is important for all of these lifestreams to reconnect to who they are and to make a conscious decision to do everything possible to strive for their Christhood and make their ascension in this lifetime or the next.

These lifestreams have truly been willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in remaining on this planet for so long. Yet there has now come a point, where you can do more for this planet by making your ascension, thereby leaving a trail for others to follow and adding your momentum to the ascension flame on this planet.

You must understand that most human beings on this planet are completely indifferent to the mission of Sanat Kumara. Even if they heard about that mission, they would not care one way or the other. They have no basis for truly understanding that had it not been for the mission of the 144,000 from Venus, the earth would not have existed and they would now be living in places that are far worse than this planet.

My point is that most human beings simply would not have a strong emotional reaction to the story of Sanat Kumara. Therefore, those who do have such a reaction, should see it as a sure sign that they belong to one of the following categories:

  • You might be one of the 144,000 that descended from Venus.
  • You might be one of the lifestreams that volunteered to come to earth after Sanat Kumara in order to support his mission.
  • You might be one of the lifestreams that originally embodied on this planet, but you have now reached a spiritual maturity that makes it possible for you to understand the importance of Sanat Kumara’s mission. So your lifestream knows its importance at inner levels and that is why you respond to it when your outer might becomes aware of it.

Your Christ self can tell you which category you belong to. But the important point is that for all of them it is now time to make an all-out effort to manifest your Christhood and to make your ascension. This planet needs to be accelerated in a major way, and it can only be done by people manifesting their Christhood and thereby accelerating the consciousness of humankind beyond anything seen since the descent of Sanat Kumara. That is why you came to this planet, and it is now time to fulfill your reason for being here.


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