Feng shui is based on a valid knowledge about energy

TOPICS: Arrogance to reject ancient wisdom – some ancient civilizations lasted for a long time – some had valid knowledge of energy – valid teaching expressed in different language – feng shui has also lost some of its original teachings – use intuition to get true benefits – not exact science – interpret principles with Christ discernment  and creativity – be balanced –

Question: I plan to build a new home, which I will need to organize and decorate. Would you please give your opinion and guidance on the feng shui way, such as using numerology, use of colors and placement of rooms? I have been reading a couple of books by Lillian Too, which are interesting, but some information seems to be superstitious, such as certain address numbers facing a particular direction bring “bad luck”. I would like my home to be well situated. I also know that invoking the Light is the highest protection, and perhaps that is the best way to proceed, instead of concerning myself with feng shui.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The western world has over the past centuries seen a spectacular success brought on by science and technology. A side effect of this success is that many people have developed a certain arrogance that makes them feel that anything which was not brought forth through modern scientific culture could not possibly be worthwhile. Some people feel that if a teaching is not expressed in scientific terms or cannot be confirmed by scientific experiments, then that teaching could not possibly be valid. Some people feel that anything developed before the rise of the scientific age could not possibly be valid. These viewpoints are shortsighted and somewhat arrogant.

It is a simple fact that the modern scientific culture has only existed for a very short period of time, and it has already created a number of problems that could threaten its long-term survival. In contrast, you have several civilizations, including the ancient Chinese civilization, which existed for millennia. This should cause people to ponder whether these long-lasting civilizations could possibly have brought forth something that was valid, even if it cannot yet be confirmed or understood by modern science.

As you know, 500 years ago many people though the earth was flat, yet the earth was as round then as it is today. It was barely a century ago that Albert Einstein discovered that everything is made from energy, yet the universe has been made from energy since its beginning. Many ancient civilizations had an intuitive knowledge of the fact that everything is made from energy, and consequently they understood that energy affects every part of life. For example, the ancient Chinese civilization developed several teachings about energy and the flow of energy. The most well-known examples are Tai Chi, acupuncture and feng shui.

What I am saying here is that feng shui is based on a valid knowledge about energy, the flow of energy and how it affects the human energy field and thereby human well-being. The spiritual teachings that formed the basis for feng shui were indeed given to people by the ascended masters, and they were valid teachings. They were simply expressed in the language of the time, a language that was by no means more primitive, but simply different from modern scientific language.

Unfortunately, as I explain throughout this website, what happens to most original spiritual teachings is that over time they are changed by people who do not fully understand the teachings. In many cases, the original intuitive link to the ascended masters is eventually broken, and from that point people begin to add interpretations based on the human intellect and often the dualistic mind. This often leads to later developments that can be far from, even in direct opposition to, the original spiritual teachings. Feng shui is no exception to this process, and neither is Christianity.

As you correctly point out, some of the teachings found in modern feng shui are clearly superstitious and contrary to common sense. It is indeed valid to consider feng shui in the modern world, but it would be highly beneficial to use your intuition and your Christ discernment.

Take note also that feng shui was never an exact science. It was never given to be turned into a mechanical process, as modern technology has been. Feng shui was always meant to be an intuitive teaching, which means that the outer teachings must be used only as guidelines that are interpreted intuitively and adapted to the individual person and the individual situation. That is why a good feng shui practitioner is not simply a technician but an intuitive person.

Your interest in the topic shows that you have already been given intuitive insights by your Christ self that feng shui is a valid and important teaching for you to incorporate in the design of your new house. What you need to do is to study the teachings on feng shui, or perhaps consult an experienced practitioner, and then, through the entire process, use your intuition and your Christ discernment, as you are already doing. Allow your Christ self to guide you to the teachings that are right for you, and ignore the ones that don’t make sense to you. When you are building a house and when you are involved with the design of that house, your house should be an expression of you and your current spiritual development. So don’t be afraid to use the feng shui principles as general guidelines and then interpret them according to your own Christ discernment.

As you point out, it is also important to invoke spiritual light throughout the entire process, and this certainly should not be neglected. Yet there is no reason you cannot combine the teachings on feng shui with invoking the light. This can give you a house that will be a support to your spiritual growth.

Yet let me caution that is important for people to stay balanced in all things. The most important part of your spiritual development is your inner contact with your Christ self. Outer things should be secondary to that inner contact, including a house or the food you eat. That is why I said that it is not what goes into a man’s mouth but what comes out of it that defiles him. That statement was meant to illustrate precisely the point I am bringing up here, namely that the outer things in the material world are always secondary compared to the inner things of your own psyche and your connection to your Christ self. So let feng shui be your servant, and don’t let it become your master.


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