Feminist movements in Korea

Question: This question is about feminism. Currently the gender conflict is a serious issue in Korean society, especially among the younger generation, and expanding women’s rights and improving their status in the work place, feminism seems to be a movement where both men and women create a balance with their masculinity and femininity, and represent a vision closer to the spiritual kingdom. However, these feminist activists make claims that encourage social conflicts, such as strongly supporting the abolition of abortion laws, and insisting on quotas of women in high ranking offices.  When I see this, I think they are connected to the fallen consciousness that encourages gender conflicts. How should we understand feminism in Korea from the spiritual perspective and how is this movement affecting Korean society? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2019.

If you look at what has happened in the western democracies in previous decades, you can see that the pattern of what is going on in Korea right now is somewhat similar in the sense that in order to overcome the old patriarchal culture where women were suppressed and only men were counted as worthy or valuable, you have to break up the old patterns to some degree.

And what you see in most western countries is that there was a feminist movement that from a spiritual perspective was clearly unbalanced. It’s clear that there are some of the more extreme feminists who have ties to the fallen beings. They are attempting to use this feminist movement to create division and conflict in society. There are even some fallen beings who instead are wanting to establish equality between the sexes, want to reverse the situation and get superiority for women as has happened in some past civilizations that are not known by current history making.

So there is a certain tendency that the fallen beings will try to use any change in society to either just create chaos and conflict, or to bring society in a different direction that is as unbalanced as it was before.

Nevertheless we have also stated, and Jesus gave some important teachings on this, that there are situations were a situation has been locked for a long time. And because it has been locked for so long, there are powerful demons that have been created that do not want change and there are certain patterns in the collective consciousness that are working against change. So before a change can happen, these old patterns need to be broken up, so that people can be freed from this habitual thinking and start thinking anew. This means that what they are doing is clearly unbalanced. But it still can have the effect in the short run of breaking up the old matrices so that people are free to look at the issue in a new way. And this is what is happening right now with the feminist movement in Korea, as it has happened in Western nations in earlier decades.

And so what you can do as spiritual people is, of course, you can avoid being pulled into some of these more extreme movements. You can, if you feel inclined, work for a more balanced perspective. But you can also very importantly, make the calls for a more balanced approach to the issue. As you see, there is already some balance in Korean society where many people have realized that it is a matter of breaking the old matrix, and establishing true equality between men and women.

But it doesn’t mean that women men and women are the same. It’s clear that men and women are different, and therefore will have different roles. But they can still be seen as having equal value, and equal importance. It’s clear, as we have said before, that it is a biological necessity currently, that children are produced the way they are produced, and that one of the sexes had to give birth to children. And it happened to be the female sex. This doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with this. It doesn’t mean that women should actually rebel against this. Because people need to realize that you are not trapped in a female body forever. You can change bodies in different lifetimes. You can if you so desire, be in a male body in a future lifetime.

So you do not need to feel that there is some kind of cosmic injustice that has happened because you have been born in a woman’s body in this lifetime. And therefore you are the one who has to bear the burden of childbirth and so forth. This is what will fade away when societies begin to establish that true equality between the sexes. You can I already see in some of the western nations such as the Scandinavian nations where they have attained a much more balanced approach to the issue and where radical feminism has largely faded away. And the same thing will happen over time in Korea. But it can be helped along by your calls of course.


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