Federation of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, is it realistic scenario?

Question: Russia, Ukraine and Belarus have much in common in history, culture and language. Despite all the existing divisions, do these countries have the potential to unite in one space without centralized power? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Ukraine in 2019.

I will not say that there is no potential for this, but it is a very low potential. Because for this to happen, and I am here saying, a situation where the three countries would be united but there would be some independence, it would be like a federation, almost like the United States, where Belarus and Ukraine would have some independence from Russia, or at least some self-determination.

For such a situation to happen, Russia would also have to be broken up into a number of regions of Republics that also would have a great degree of autonomy. That is also a possibility, but certainly not while the current president is there. There needs to be some rather big changes for this to happen.

The question is, would the people want this to happen? As I see it from the Ascended realm, it is more likely that the people of Ukraine would want to preserve their independence as a nation in whatever form it ends up being in. There are certainly many people in the western part of Ukraine who would rather have a more open, autonomous country that was not necessarily a western country or become part of the Western block, but was certainly open to that influence.

Again, it is unlikely that Russia would allow this if it was part of a federation. I know that you could say that Russia today is a federation but there are many regions where they do not feel they have autonomy from Moscow. And certainly, who, in the current governmental apparatus acts as if Russia is a Federation of Independent States, where is there respect for independence and autonomy?


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