Fallen beings and art 

Question: Could the masters comment on what role do fallen beings play when it comes to art, are they just expressing their state of consciousness, or is there more of a conspiracy? Listening to a lot of rap music I find that while there may be an insensitivity to life in the lyrics, you can still find traces of humanity in the writing. Even with artists that do not seem to have any trace of humanity in their music, they still seem very much benevolent, almost harmless compared to fallen beings like Hitler. Am I just not listening to music with a low enough vibration to notice anything?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, there are some fallen beings who are artists and who are expressing whatever unresolved psychology they have. But there are also some that are more conscious of doing art in order to get a specific reaction in people. They are not necessarily all conscious of the fact that they can steal energy from people through their art, or that certain collective entities or demons can use their art to steal energy from people. I’m not saying that there is a great conspiracy among artists, but there are certainly fallen beings that are in the other realms that have a certain intent of using art to steal people’s energy.

There are clairvoyants who have been able to see how certain paintings for example, or other forms of art have the effect of basically inserting a hook or a suction hose into people’s auras and extracting energy when people are watching it. There is also some art that can download certain images or energetic matrices into people’s emotional, mental and identity bodies as a result of putting your attention on this. Art is not as innocent as many people make it out to be. Now this doesn’t mean that you now have to be afraid of looking at a piece of art. Because much depends on how you look at it or how you listen to music—how open you are to taking this in.

This of course can be difficult for many people to know because they’re not consciously aware of the holes they have in their auras so that they’re they are more vulnerable to taking things in, or having things extracted from their emotional bodies for example. But those who are more sensitive can quickly learn to sense whether looking at a painting raises or lowers your vibration, raises or lowers the sense you have in your heart. Some people can learn to feel that energy is extracted when they listen to certain music for example. All people can learn this if they are willing to go through this process but in order to really learn it you have to be neutral.

You cannot have what many people have—a certain reluctance to actually sensing whether your energy is being stolen, because you want to listen to a certain type of music based on some decision you have made with your outer mind. Or you want to look at certain forms of art or you want to believe that “it’s all good” as some spiritual people want to believe.

Discernment requires a certain willingness to know —that requires basically that you are in a neutral state of mind so you can openly sense: “what does this piece of art do to me? Does it lower my energy? Does it raise my energy, does it take energy? Do I receive positive energy from it or what?”


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