Exposure of the gambling economy 

Question: The economies have greatly benefited by the stimulus checks given directly to the citizens of American and Canada as well as many other nations in the world. Estimates have indicated that roughly a quarter of the checks given to the people were spent on material goods, towards paying down bills and their existing debts, whereas the rest of the stimulus checks went towards gambling, such as gaming the financials into stocks, bonds, commodities, Bitcoin speculation and real estate. Some economists have coined this gambling euphoria, the “everything bubble”, and has also driven price inflation among many goods due to the supply chain issues, such as high lumber prices and computer chip shortages. What would be the thought forms we can make the calls for in this upcoming Mother Mary Vigil in regards to the economy, if this “everything bubble” has the potential to collapse under its own weight?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

You can specifically make the calls that the entire, what Saint Germain has called, the “gambling economy” is exposed for what it is. What ordinary people have gone through is simply an extension of what the elite has been doing for decades where they have been gambling on the stock market, stock prices going up, real estate prices going up, and so forth. Many, many people in the more affluent nations have been pulled into this mindset of the gambling economy. And they have adopted this mindset that things will keep going up indefinitely.

You see, of course, that, contrary to what you would call conventional wisdom, even though there has been an economic downturn as a result of the epidemic, real estate prices have gone up—there is a building boom. But this is partly caused by the fact that when people cannot travel, they have money left over that they would normally have spent on vacations in foreign locations. And so, they use the money to consolidate their domestic situation. And instead of paying off debts, they are sometimes buying a bigger house, buying a better house. And this, of course, drives up a certain building boom that influences prices of raw materials.

You can make the calls for this gambling economy to be exposed and for people to be cut free from it. And of course, the many other calls for various other aspects of the economy that are part of this very important vigil.


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