Experiencing vs. Understanding Conscious You

Question: I sense that I have a lack of spiritual understanding of the Conscious You. Can you please expand on this to help us understand what it is, what it consists of, how we are to use it, et cetera?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

Well, we have given many and extensive teachings on the Conscious You. Way too many teachings to give in an answer like this. You can obviously go on the websites and search on it, but I recommend that you also look at Guru Ma’s book Don’t drink your own Kool Aid, which talks about the Conscious You. However, be very aware here that there is this, as we have said before, very long tradition that spiritual people try to understand everything with the analytical, outer mind so that they can label it, categorize it, fit it into their database.

When we gave the concept of the Conscious You, and even the name Conscious You, it was actually given, to a certain extent, to confuse the linear, analytical mind. You have seen various people who are trying to argue against the concept. But the Conscious You is not really a concept that you can understand or argue against. The Conscious You is meant to be an experience.

The teachings, the explanations we have given is not meant to help you understand what the Conscious You is, but to give you the impetus, where you want to experience the Conscious You, which is, what we have said, pure awareness. Well, what do we mean with pure awareness?

Again, you can put concepts on it, but it really means that you are aware, but you do not have any content of your awareness, you are not thinking, you are not feeling, there is just awareness. And when you have that experience, it gives you a contrast to your normal, busy state of mind where the mind is always analyzing, categorizing, evaluating, judging, thinking, feeling, whatever. And that becomes a foundation for realizing that you are not the outer thoughts, you are not the outer feelings, you are not even the outer personality. You are not even the soul-vehicle, you are more than this.

And therefore, you are not so identified with it, you do not take everything so seriously, you do not take things so personally, because you realize that you are not the outer mind and this then is the foundation for realizing you are not all of these separate selves. It is the separate selves that have the feelings, the thoughts, the nightmares, the patterns, the reactions. You are not. The Conscious You is not reacting, is not thinking, is not feeling. You are beyond this. And that means you can then separate yourself from it, you can depersonalize your life and have a different foundation for your spiritual growth.

When you are actually trying to use the outer mind to overcome the outer mind, which is a very difficult proposition, even though some people once in a while have made it, mainly because they got themselves into such a stressed state that they could not stand it anymore and suddenly snapped out of it and experienced pure awareness.


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