Evil was not created as a necessary polarity to good

Question: I was happy to hear that our planet is one of only a few unnatural ones, and that the overwhelming majority are natural planets. I am happily anticipating when all darkness will be blotted out. However, I wonder about the action of other universes, if they are made the same essentially as ours? Doesn’t that necessitate a little darkness? If that is the case, isn’t darkness, innocence, immortalized in the creation of new universes?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

Well, first of all, I would say that, don’t worry too much about other universes, focus on the one you’re in. Let’s just take one universe at a time. But the question is based on an incomplete understanding of free will. Evil can never be immortalized. Evil was not created as a part of this universe. Evil was not created by God or the ascended masters as a necessary polarity to good. Evil is entirely the result of free will. As we said in the first three spheres no being fell. It isn’t inevitable that there will be a fall into duality and that people will create evil or beings will create evil.

There are, of course other worlds of form that are created by other creators. And there are almost an infinite number of them, at least an overwhelming number. And the vast majority of them do not have evil or darkness. Because people, the beings, the inhabitants have not made that choice. It isn’t inevitable there is nothing inevitable about evil. And it is important to realize that as an ascended master student and we have given many teachings on it that you can study because there are of course some ideas put out by the fallen beings, such as, for example, the ideas of a demiurge that is a counterpart to God and that it was necessary to create light and darkness at the same time.  This is not a true idea whatsoever. It’s an artificially created idea in order to legitimize, perhaps even immortalize the existence of darkness and make people believe this. So again, evil is always the result of choice. In the duality consciousness, it seems like there must always be two polarities. But in the Christ consciousness you can clearly see that there do not need to be two polarities.


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