Everything that happens on earth has some potential to help raise consciousness

Question: What is the meaning of the incarnation in which the probability of reaching Christ consciousness is close to zero? For example, people with Down Syndrome?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

Well my beloved to be a little bit provocative, it is certainly not only people with Down Syndrome that have a zero probability of manifesting Christhood in this lifetime. In fact, you could say that more than 90 percent of the people embodying on this earth have a zero probability of manifesting Christhood in this lifetime simply because of their past momentums, their level of consciousness. Most people who are below the 48th level when they come into embodiment have a fairly small chance of manifesting Christhood in this lifetime.

So what you need to recognize is that there is a certain percentage and we have called it the top 10 percent who are more open-minded people. Whether they are into a spiritual teaching or not, they are more open and for these, it can be said they have a reasonable probability of manifesting Christhood in this lifetime. But for the other 90 percent, they have a fairly low probability and the lower you go on the scale of the 144 levels, the lower the probability becomes.

There are many, many people who are what you would consider normal people even some who are intelligent people, powerful people, some of the most powerful people on earth right now or seen throughout history may seem to be very sophisticated from a certain viewpoint but they have zero percent probability of attaining Christhood in this lifetime. What you realize here is that there are two different evolutions we are looking at as ascended masters. We are saying for example, here are people that have a potential to manifest Christhood, those we can seek to help in a certain way. We can actually seek to help them, of course, manifest Christhood in this lifetime. The other 90 percent, we’re not looking for how can we help them manifest Christhood in this lifetime. We are simply saying, “how can we help them make the most possible progress in this lifetime?”

This becomes a much more complicated scenario where basically you can say that everything that happens on earth has some potential to help raise consciousness. It can be raising the consciousness of one or several individuals or can be raising the collective consciousness or at least a certain group of people and so even people who have Down Syndrome, in some cases, they can actually grow from having an embodiment where their outer capabilities are so restricted because the soul can then focus on inner things. In some cases, it is not the person with Down Syndrome that grows but other people who are dealing with that person have an opportunity to grow in various ways.

You need to look at these nuances and see that there is always a potential for raising consciousness. You cannot say that if a person does not have the potential to manifest Christhood then that’s a wasted embodiment. Far from it. As long as the person has the potential to grow or that there’s a potential that other people can grow then of course it has a purpose.

In some cases it can be that while the person has very little opportunity to grow then the person might still indirectly advance by acting out certain things in a more and more extreme form which then brings the person closer to the point where it might have had enough of that experience. That is what you see with some fallen beings in embodiment and indeed some of these very powerful people. They need to act out this abuse of power in such an extreme way because there is at least an opportunity that it brings them closer to having had enough of it. Even if that person doesn’t wake up and have enough then perhaps the people who are exposed to their abuse of power will wake up and say, “we have had enough of this, we do not want this kind of leader anymore.”

So there’s always a purpose and it is not always easy to grasp this with the outer linear mind but I can assure you that if you will use your intuitive faculties, if you will do what we have said, overcome these separate selves that often have a very fixed image of the world then you will begin to feel that sense of purposefulness.


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