Everything is a concept until it becomes an experience

TOPICS: First you see a concept, then you have the experience – using a concept to create a trail to the experience – using a concept to block the experience – people relate to everything as concepts – pure awareness is pure, the Conscious You is simply a name – you have limited yourself through concepts – the ego is also a concept and cannot be overcome at the level of concepts – creating a spiritual ego – pure awareness is the ultimate frame of reference –

Question: Jesus’, or perhaps this is Kim’s interjection, lists 19 Concepts on the November 16, 2010 posting. You describe the spheres and the Conscious You as concepts. This is confusing to me. Prior teachings lean toward changing the frame of reference intellectually and most importantly inwardly spiritually to use the world less and less as a point of conceptual measure and focus on the I AM within. Shakespeare said, ‘life is a stage.’ Is it not life in the material world that is the concept of the individual and the spiritual spheres and Conscious You are One’s truth and origin? Are you saying that our Creator’s sphere is a concept of his/her Creator’s?

So far, I have learned through You, that my true self is stationed in my Conscious You. If my Conscious You is a concept within the sphere, wow! Please clarify for me and others, whether we are more than conceptual free willed beings.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (December 1, 2010)

Everything is a concept until it becomes an experience.

You first relate to something by allowing it to enter your outer/conscious mind as a concept.

A concept is an idea that you hold in your mind. The idea relates to an object that you have not yet seen, yet the idea is not the same as the object.

For example, if you pick up a travel brochure for a remote vacation destination, what you get from the brochure is a concept about the destination. The concept may give you a desire to travel to the destination. Yet it is only when you actually go to the destination that the concept is replaced by a direct experience.

We in the ascended realm experience everything we are telling you about, but we cannot give you that experience. The only way to communicate with you – in your current state of consciousness – is to give you concepts. Our hope is that giving you the concepts will awaken in you the desire to have the direct experience.

The direct experience can be yours when you understand that the core of your being is pure awareness, which means you can project yourself into the spiritual realm—as you have projected yourself into your body and current life experience.

We have taught about the I AM Presence since the 1930s, but all we have ever given people has been concepts. Some students have used the concepts to create a “trail” in their minds, and the Conscious You has then followed that trail until it experienced oneness with the Presence.

Other students have not been willing to do this, so for them the I AM Presence remains simply a concept. The first group are relating to their I AM Presences directly through experience. The second group are not relating to their Presences; they are related to a mental image – a concept – of the Presence that they have created in their minds.

The danger of giving people on earth any concept about the spiritual realm is that they might use the concept to block the experience. However, that is simply the nature of the task we are facing.

You are all spiritual beings who are not trapped in or defined by any form. Yet in the here and now, you “are” what you think you are. This is because you have forgotten that you are pure awareness and have instead created a concept of who you are.

You are trapped in this “world” in which you relate to almost everything as concepts. So our only way to reach you is to give you more concepts—hoping that some of them will awaken in you the desire to experience more than concepts.

If you have not experienced pure awareness, then the Conscious You will simply be another concept. When you do experience pure awareness, you see that the Conscious You is simply a name. In a sense it is meaningless to assign a name to pure awareness because pure awareness cannot be accurately described by any name or concept—it can only be experienced. Yet as long as you are trapped in the world of mental concepts, well…

In terms of your last question:

Please clarify for me and others, whether we are more than conceptual free willed beings.

You are more than conceptual beings in the sense that you are beyond form. Yet you are the ones who have superimposed certain concepts of who you are upon the pure awareness that your I AM Presence extended into the material universe. Thus, you are the only one who can take yourself out of that self-image by once again experiencing pure awareness. As long as you have not reconnected to pure awareness, you are – for all practical purposes – no more than conceptual beings.

If you deal with your sense of identity at the level of concepts, you will simply create another concept. That is why we have given the “concept” of the Conscious You that is pure awareness and thus cannot be confined to any concept.

You see, after we started giving teachings on the ego, it became clear that many students attempted to overcome their egos at the level of concepts. But you see, the ego is simply a concept. So attempting to get rid of the concept of the ego by creating another – more spiritual or nice – concept will only cause the ego to morph into a new form.

That is why many people who have followed the spiritual path for decades are no closer to being ego-free. They have simply created a new ego that is very adept at appearing good or spiritual. Such people think this ego is so spiritual that it is sure to be allowed into heaven—but they are completely wrong. I described this in my parable about the wedding feast.

So the only way to truly overcome the ego is to find some frame of reference that is beyond the world of concepts in which the ego exists. And the only way to go beyond concepts is to make use of your ability to return to pure awareness, where you see that all of the concepts found on earth – all of the concepts that make up your ego – are simply unreal.

You also experience that the YOU that is pure awareness is indeed real and is an extension of the I AM Presence. And this is the only thing that will allow you to dis-indentify yourself from the ego.

There really is no other way, and although they have described it in different ways, mystics of all ages have experienced pure awareness and have used it to awaken themselves from the dream that a spiritual being could ever be trapped in or defined by form.

If you treat the Conscious You as another concept, it will only imprison you further. If you allow yourself to experience pure awareness, it can be your ultimate awakening.

As always, we can only give a tool and then set people free to choose how they will use it. That is why we continually seek to come up with new tools that say the same thing in a different way—hoping that each new expression will awaken more people.


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