Energy burden after giving invocations

Question: Sometimes the energy burdens seems to be exceptionally severe after I give a rosary or an invocation for the people and community. It gives me a feeling as if it reflects a specific situation or other presence of our society. If we determine to serve as open doors with the ascended masters, is it possible that the masters perform some energy works through us for the sake of other people,or a society.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2017.

My Beloved there is a certain dynamic that you need to be aware of when you do any kind of spiritual work. You need to recognize that the reason why you are open to the spiritual side of life and to a spiritual teaching and giving a spiritual technique, is that you are more sensitive than the average person. Therefore you always need to evaluate individually whether you are invoking light in such a way that it is too much for your sensitivity. It is of course always so, that when you give an invocation or a decree we are using your chakras to release light into a specific situation. So yes we are always performing energy work when you give an invocation that is not for your personal growth but for a situation in your society. But we always adjust that release of energy to what we feel or evaluate that you can handle.

However what can happen is that when we do release light, your sensitivity can cause you to have almost like a reverse flow, where there is light flowing through your chakras from us into the collective consciousness. But because of your sensitivity you can sometimes have a reverse flow where you are taking on some of the energies that you are decreeing for and they come from the mass consciousness and they enter your chakras. Now if you feel this, you need to do various things because this is not a situation that we desire to see for you. Now if you have an extreme burden of energy, you need to not give that particular invocation. Or not give any invocations for the community, until you have worked more on your personal protection and your personal purification of your chakras and four lower bodies. Because again what can enter from the mass consciousness is only what you have – a certain amount of energy in your own personal energy field.

Therefore you are tied to the mass consciousness and this is what sets up the flow. So if you feel this, you need to recognize that here is something I need to work on to purify my own energy field before I can give these invocations for the community again. You can of course also try to invoke more spiritual protection and perhaps invoke personal protection from Archangel Michael or Astrea before you give an invocation for the community. Now most of you will not have this problem because you quickly get used to not allowing this reverse flow of energy. And you can all learn not to allow this, you can all learn to realize that when you are giving an invocation, you are radiating into the collective consciousness but you have absolutely no obligation or need to take anything in from the mass consciousness.

It is not so my beloved that when we release light we are also using your chakras to draw energy, to draw lower energy through your chakras and into our octave. This is never the way we work. We only release light that goes out from you and we have no need whatsoever to draw light the other way. So therefore when you feel this kind of reverse energy flow, it is because there is something in your consciousness that makes you vulnerable. It can be as I said an accumulation of energy. It always is partly an accumulation of energy but besides this there can be a certain obligation you feel. It can be for example that you feel you have to have empathy with or sympathy for other people. You need to feel solidarity with other people or any kind of mechanism like this where you feel, that when you are decreeing for other people’s burdens you need to have a certain feeling inside. But my beloved you don’t need to have these feelings, you are not obligated to take upon you other people’s burdens. We are never asking you to take other people’s burdens upon you and carry those burdens. We are asking you to invoke the light from our octave that can transform these energetic burdens.

I know we have often given the concept that some people are holding a spiritual balance and this is a slightly different issue. Where some people have vowed to take on a certain burden that can even manifest as a disease or other conditions in order to hold a balance and then you are slowly throughout your life working on transmuting that burden. But when you are giving an invocation and feeling a particular burden after giving the invocation, then you need to take the measures that I have outlined here. If you have taken on a more long term vow to hold a spiritual balance then you will not feel a particular burden after giving an invocation, beyond what you normally feel.


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