Emperor Nicholas 2nd and his role

Question: What was the role of the last Russian emperor Nicholas the 2nd in the history? I am asking because now there are a lot of consequences to that situation. Where is the lifestream of Nicholas the 2nd now? What was the role of Rasputin in the history in his close relationship to the royal family? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Lanello through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia in 2017.

My beloved, you cannot understand this situation without understanding it in the context of the teachings we have given you before of this conference, at the last conference here, and in our teachings here. The essence of the situation for the Russian people is that due to what we explained happened in the distant past, the Russian people are reluctant to make decisions for themselves. These are primarily the decisions that Archangel Michael talked about:

-What kind of people are we
-What kind of nation do we want to live in
-What kind of nation do we deserve to live in, and
-Are we willing to take responsibility for ourselves?

Now we are not saying that this applies to all the people who currently live in Russia. This applies to those we might consider the core group karmicly of the Russian nation. Those people who are reincarnated again and again and again in this area that you now call Russia. And so, there are many lifestreams in what you call modern Russia that are not necessarily part of this karmic group. Some have come from other groups around, some have elected to be born here in this time in order to bring Russia forward, and bring Russia into the golden age.

Now, when you understand this you understand that one of the pivotal moments so to speak, or periods in the formation of what in now call modern Russia, was Peter the Great. Peter the Great founded Saint Petersburg and attempted to take Russia into the family of European nations. His vision was that Russia should be fully as modern, fully as developed, fully as culturally sophisticated as any nation in Europe. This was his goal.

Now, this goal was not realized, partly because the Russian people, those I call the core group of the Russian people were not ready to make the change. They were not willing to step up and become more self-governing, independent, self-determining, and therefore they were not able to follow the same movement of the development of democracy that you saw in many of the countries of the Western Europe. And so again, this applies not only to these Russian people but it does apply.

And so, this is why you saw that instead we went into this period where there were the tsars, and Nicholas the second had the potential to be the last of these kind of leaders that were leading from above. He had the potential to bring Russia into the modern age. But again this failed, and when I say failed I simply mean that it did not come to manifest the highest potential.

And it was for various reasons that I will attempt to explain here. Partly, there was, that Nicholas the 2nd was one of the original Russian people. He had played a leadership role in the distant past, he was reluctant to play that leadership role, he was reluctant to make decisions himself, and therefore he embodied that consciousness of the Russian people.

Another factor was that the Russian people still have not come up where they were willing to make their own decisions and so, there was this, we will not call it a direct opposition because it was not a force that was working against the change, but it was simply a force that resisted the change in a passive way. It was like, you might say, as if you are walking in deep mud, the mud is not actively and aggressively working against you, it is simply doing what mud does and so, this was part of the equation.

But another part of the equation was that there were certain dark forces, fallen beings, all the way from the identity realm through the mental and emotional, who were seeking to set up a pattern of what would later become communist Russia or the Soviet Union. And they were actively and aggressively working against Nicholas the 2nd and his ability to transform Russia and their primary influence was Rasputin, who you must understand was a fallen being in embodiment, and not a highly developed spiritual master.

He had certain abilities to manifest certain phenomena, but this does not mean that he had any level of Christ consciousness. On the contrary he was an open door for these fallen beings in a higher realm. And why did he come to influence the royal family, precisely because of the reluctance to make decisions.

And so, you see that the royal family, Nicholas and his wife sought the guidance of Rasputin hoping that they could get some infallible guidance so they could be sure they made the right decision before they made the decision and this is what caused them to fail to attune to the changing times. Now you see my beloved, when you have a group of people that are unwilling to make decisions on their own, they will often attract a leader who is suppressing them through force. This is what has caused the evolution of the state that you saw in Russia in the time of the tsars and even earlier and you have seen this in many other groups around the world, such as for example Germany, before the Second World War.

So you have a people who attract either a leader or some kind of condition that causes them to feel suppressed, where they would not acknowledge that it was their own state of consciousness that has attracted this leader.

And so, instead of looking at themselves and transcending that consciousness they build resentment against the leader, or perhaps against someone else like for example the German people built resentment against the Jews. There is somebody else who is to blame when you are not willing to take responsibility for yourself and so my beloved, when you have a situation like this, there is always pressure that builds in a nation. And when pressure builds, the fallen beings are experts at attempting to bring it to one of these flash points or boiling points where it spills over into violence, and this is of course was what happened with the Bolshevik revolution.

Now, on one hand I am telling you here that the original Russian people had not changed that much. They were still not willing to make decisions, so they were working against any attempt to change Russia. But then, why was there a need to change that eventually caused the Bolshevik revolution?

Well it is because, when the collective consciousness of a planet is raised, as the earth consciousness has been raised now for a long time, there is an upward pull, and that pull actually goes in and magnifies the pressure built into a nation by the people feeling suppressed. And so, there was a building pressure in Russia under Nicholas the 2nd. He failed to tune into it and recognize that drastic changes were needed in the way he was ruling the nation, or there would be a violent uprising. He failed to tune into this, partly because of the guidance of Rasputin, partly because he did not want to make decisions and become a more decisive leader who could take Russia in a new direction.

So, he had the opportunity to make certain reforms and give more freedoms but he did not take that opportunity. That is why the fallen beings were able to exploit the situation and through Lenin, who was another fallen being in embodiment, set up the Bolshevik revolution and all the violence that followed.

And so, do not underestimate in this context the fact that Rasputin, by being so close to the royal family and therefore in the very core of the government of Russia at the time, set up certain dark matrixes, certain curses we might say that were put upon the leadership of Russia and the Russian nation, which also helped propel the nation into the Bolshevik revolution, where a violent takeover became the end result.

And you saw therefore, how the Bolshevik revolution could only have been brought about through violence. You also saw, if you are willing to look at this objectively, that communist Russia did not give more freedom to the ordinary Russians than it had under the tsar. On the contrary, especially during the Stalinist era, they had less freedoms, less rights under the law because they never knew when they could be killed, and for no apparent reason other than to strike terror into the hearts and minds of Russian people so that they would submit to Stalin unconditionally.

And so, clearly, the Bolshevik revolution did not bring the promised freedom and human rights to the Russian people and again therefore, you can see that this was not in alignment with the progression of the planet, the raising of the consciousness of the planet. It was clearly a downward step and it was deliberately engineered by the fallen beings because they saw the rest of the world or at least a part of it moving toward democracy and rights, and they wanted to create something that would counteract this. And so, the Russian people became sort of the pawns in this political or semi-spiritual, pseudo spiritual game of power plays that the fallen beings are playing.

And so, what can we say then, about Nicholas the 2nd, myself having been embodied in that family an having had the potential to take Russia in a new direction if I have been allowed to do so, but the fallen being stepped in, killed the entire family, and therefore effectively cut off this possibility. We can say that it was very painful to be part of that situation. It was quite frankly, sometimes the biggest pain you can have when you are in embodiment is by seeing the opportunities that were not taken, the potential that was not realized.

By seeing a situation where, as Mother Mary said, there is a tipping point that could go either in a downward spiral or in an upward spiral, you see how close it actually was, how close the situation was. It could so easily have tipped in an upward direction where the Bolshevik revolution would have been avoided. It would have taken very, very few decisions. In fact one can say, there was paint where Nicholas the 2nd faced a situation, and if he had taken the one decision he didn’t take, the entire downward spiral could have been avoided.

And it is painful, when you are in embodiment, you witness this, you see that one decision of one person could have tipped the situation in a different direction. It is of course not painful for me as an ascended master but I am allowing you to experience that it was painful for me at the time and it is painful for many others, including many of you to have experienced these situations, where the decision of one person can have such drastic consequences, perhaps for an entire civilization.

And it is of course very painful for the person and that is why Nicholas the 2nd could not ascend, not that he was particularly close to that anyway, but, why he had to take embodiment not in Russia but in a different situation where he attempts to heal the wounds.

And so, I do not wish to give you an epic understanding of the situation so you go into this mindset of becoming even more afraid of making your own decisions, because there are few of these situations in history that are quite as dramatic as what I am describing here and most of you have not been in these situations in your past lifetimes and you are not in this situation now.

And so, it is important for you that you dare to make decisions, that you dare to experiment and learn from the outcome. Even here, even though I am portraying it that there was one particular moment where Nicholas could have tipped the balance, he could have gone in an opposite direction, in an upward direction, there were of course more situations where he could have turned it  around. And even after he made that one decision that caused the beginning of the downward spiral, he could have made other decisions that could have reversed it. There is no decision that is irreversible until the physical events have manifested that cannot easily be changed.

And so, this is truly, I have been embodied in the Russian nation several times, also in lifetimes that are not known and I have a great love for Russian people. I have a great love for the original Russian people who are afraid to make their decisions, I have a great love for the Russian people who embody in Russia today, for the Russian nation.

I have a great desire to see it being transformed into a modern nation that is fully as sophisticated and developed as any other nation and certainly progress has been made and is being made because more and more of the people who now embody in Russia are tuning into the upward progression of the planetary collective consciousness.

But still, there are of course forces that are not working with this upward movement, there is resistance, there is still a large group of the original Russians who are still resisting because they are not actively resisting, but passively resisting by not willing to make decisions, by wanting to stay with what is known. They, as we have said before, prefer a known misery to an unknown opportunity. And there are of course certain dark forces working against the transcendence of Russia into the Golden Age consciousness.


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