Embodying the qualities of Master MORE

Question: We are very grateful to you, Master MORE, for your service to help us to be here and learn. I would like to ask how can we embody your quality on earth in the best way, how can we be, in the best way, the open doors, in order to manifest the golden age on earth? What vision do you have for us?

Answer from Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels:

My vision is that you continue to pursue your personal Christhood, and then there will be some among you who will gradually come to feel, if you do not already, a stronger affinity, a stronger connection, with me. As you grow in your Christhood, you will begin to consciously acknowledge this connection, which can grow to a sense of oneness where you can become my twin on earth – my twin in embodiment.

This is the vision I hold for those of you for whom this is part of your divine plan: You come to the point where you have such a strong inner connection with me that you can receive directions from within yourselves, not necessarily clearly spoken directions, but simply an inner sense of who I am and how I would express my being in a particular situation. In other words, my vision is that you will not need to be told by anyone outside yourself how to serve in bringing forth the golden age, for you will know this from within yourselves.

My vision and wish is that those of you who already have a connection with me would come to consciously acknowledge your connection. Dare to acknowledge that you are worthy of serving as my twin on earth, as my open door on earth. Then dare to express it and to allow myself to express myself through you in whatever form I desire in a given situation.


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