Elitism and corruption in Brazil 

Question: The people of Brazil have a vivid sense of the economic potential of their country, and they are eager to improve their conditions, yet it has not happened. They also seem to have a subconscious memory of a past golden age. What prevents the Brazilians from taking command over their nation? What of the seventh root race in Brazil and South America?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, in this dispensation, we are not really focusing much on the seventh root race, because we have seen in previous ascended master dispensations, how this idea of the root races has been misconstrued by many people, to mean that these people are somehow superior to most other people on earth. We prefer to downplay the significance of the root races, and instead look at them as different evolutions that have come to earth. And that, even the seventh root race is not necessarily decisively superior to many of the avatars who have been on earth for a long time. It is not so that the seventh root race will automatically bring positive change or bring the golden age.

In terms of Brazil, and the Brazilian people, there are of course, many, many complex factors that play into this. But first of all, there has not yet been a critical mass of people who are willing to take responsibility for their own lives, for changing themselves instead of expecting that their government, or some external force, is going to change their situation.

It is necessary to look at Brazil, and look at the fact that elitism is a very significant issue in Brazil. And that the real hindrance, at the physical level, to economic growth, is the elite that wants to monopolize the resources, instead of allowing them to benefit all of the people. And this has influenced the politicians to the point where most of the politicians, regardless of what party they belong to, are firmly convinced of the necessity of the elite, or they are directly bought by the elite.

You see a deep level of corruption at all levels of government, and even industry. And this is another issue that needs to be transcended. But it will not be transcended until the people decide that they will take responsibility, they will educate themselves. And they will look at other nations that have moved further along than Brazil, such as what we call the modern democracies, and see what have they accomplished, how have they done it, what do we need to do in Brazil?

Of course, it needs to be adapted to your specific situation but there are certain general steps that all of the modern democracies have taken, and that Brazil and all other upcoming countries will need to take, in order to reach a decisively higher level. Of course, you can say in general, that it is the raising of the collective consciousness. And this is where the spiritual people of Brazil and from other nations, if you are inspired to make calls for this, you can have an impact. But you must realize that Brazil is a large and populous nation. You cannot expect that a few people will have a major impact in the short run. This will be more of a long-term impact you can have on a nation this size.


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