Duality is not associated with or dependent on space

Question: I want to talk about duality, not in the sense of good and bad, but in the sense of space. Sometimes I am able to dissolve the distance between me and the things I perceive, objectification, and I see that all happens in the space that I AM. There is also me distancing myself from experience by dissociation and the dissolution of that, when I experienced that all that is in me, is also me as consciousness. There are a lot of teachings about how we can go beyond time by living in the eternal now. What teaching helps us dissolve the illusion of space further?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Duality has nothing to do with space as such. Duality is not associated with or dependent on space. Space is not in itself inherently dualistic. It is clear that space can, in a certain sense, encourage duality because space gives you the experience of being a localized being who is seeing everything from a certain vantage point in space, even a certain physical location, as you turn around and look in a 360-degree circle around your physical body.

This can give you the sense that: “This is me, and this is something else. This is outside of me.” This can then make you more susceptible to the dualistic teachings, but duality is based on defining two opposite polarities and adding a value judgment. In space itself there is no value judgment. We have given, especially Gautama has given, various teachings about space, and you can simply look up these dictations and study them, and those are the teachings that can help you gain a different perspective on space.


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