Donald Trump and the black and white thinking in America

Question: Donald Trump seems to be viciously attacked by the Democrats, the media and many known power elites. Moreover, many liberal minded people that I meet seem to have a deep-seated anger against Trump. He can’t seem to get through a single week in three years without having to fight to keep his presidency. My impression of Donald Trump is that he is challenging many of the established strongholds of the power elites inside and outside America, and exposing their control apparatus and negative beasts. What explains the strong reactions by the power elite and liberals generally against Trump? Does the election of Trump signify a raising of the consciousness of the American people? And is Donald Trump sponsored by the Brotherhood? Has he been contacted by other representatives of the Brotherhood?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

What have we attempted to teach you as spiritual students? Your outer circumstances are a reflection of your inner circumstances. This also applies if you are president of the United States. The fact of the matter is that Donald Trump has a certain state of consciousness. He thinks in very black and white terms. He often looks for someone to blame, someone who is a scapegoat and what he is subconsciously saying to the universe is that he enjoys this kind of a struggle as long as he comes out on top. He is subconsciously attracting this kind of situation to himself.

Now, of course, this is not to excuse the democrats and their anger against him. But this goes back to the Clinton presidency, where the republicans were equally vicious in trying to impeach Clinton. And so many democrats carry with them the anger and the resentment from that process, and now they see their chance to, so to speak, get even with the republicans. T

his just shows you the level of politics that is currently there in the United States. It just shows you how people on both sides are trapped in the duality consciousness, how they are not able to free themselves from these, what Mother Mary has called, petty problems and look at what is good for the country, what is good for the American people. How can we do what we are actually elected to do and instead of being tied up in these meaningless squabbles, meaningless squabbles that are inconsequential to the future of this country. This goes both for the impeachment of Clinton and the attempt to impeach Trump.

It does not matter what the reality is behind it. Whether Trump did this or whether he lied about this. Or whether Clinton had sex with that woman or not, what matters is the intent behind it. The intent is not to defend the country, the intent is simply destructive. But this is also because Donald Trump himself has that dualistic state of consciousness, where some of the things he does are not done from a higher awareness of wanting to challenge the power elite. He is just simply defining certain people or institutions as his enemy and he is attacking them from the dualistic state of consciousness.

The election of Donald Trump does not signify a raising of the collective consciousness. It signifies that there are still so many Americans that are stuck in the black and white thinking that they elected a president who could act out that black and white thinking to a degree where hopefully more people will see that this is just not a constructive way to do political business in the United States.

It does not mean that I am thereby defending the Democratic Party, which is just as stuck in dualistic thinking. Really, the need is, as we have talked about before, to change the equation in Washington, to perhaps have a third party to move towards Direct Democracy. But it is also that the people wake up and demand something better, demand better leadership, as we talked about last year.

As I have said before, I attempt to work with any president that is elected. I attempt to work with the administration and to bring forth ideas that can bring the country forward. Can I do this with Donald Trump and his administration? Yes, to some degree. Could I do it with the previous administration? Yes, to some degree. It does not really matter whether one administration is better than another because none of them are completely open to higher ideas, or have been.

What we need to do is get the American people to the point where they demand something better! They demand a congress, a senate and a president who will rise above these petty squabbles that have, quite frankly, as a beast taken over both parties. That caused them to be engaged in this gridlock, where they are not able to come together across the aisle and create a majority of senators and congressmen who just do what is obviously best for the country instead of playing party politics.


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