Donal Trump is part of the problem, not the solution

Question: It was my impression from the last webinar, that it did not make much of a difference to you who would win the presidency. It would be another four years of this dualistic struggle, with neither party addressing the likely debt economy implosion. However, Biden’s new cabinet, if he wins, is a return to the status quo with the power elite’s people in all the most powerful positions in the government. What is so good about that? And why should the Democratic Party be rewarded after four years of lies and deception in their continuous attacks, and coup attempts against Trump? Clearly, the power elite used everything at their disposal to get rid of Trump from Wall Street to Silicon Valley; activists to Hollywood and of course, the media. Trump has obvious weaknesses besides his narcissism, but I would think he is still better than the representative of the powers that be, he also seemed to have some good people in his cabinet. My question is this, what is so bad about Trump?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Donald Trump has been a very good teacher for the American people. Even though the majority of those who call themselves Trump supporters have so far not learned the lesson that they had the potential to learn from his presidency.

Now you say yourself that Trump has obvious weaknesses, besides his narcissism. But his narcissism is precisely the issue. This is what makes him a good teacher. Because the lesson that Americans have the potential to learn from the Trump presidency, is why they do not want a narcissist as their president. Why they do not want a person who is trapped in black and white thinking. And who is simply seeing the presidency and the country and for that matter the world, as an extension for his personal quest: to elevate himself to some superior status, that only he really knows what is.

The reality here is that, for America to move forward and move into the golden age, the American people need to attract presidents who are completely focused on serving the people. The only way that America can move out of being ruled by the power elite, is if they have leaders who are focused on serving the people, not the elite. And neither the Democratic Party nor the Republican party are at that point yet. And so, neither party is able to really question the elite. But the reason for this is actually, that there has not been a critical mass of people who have reached a level where they are willing to question the elite. What will it take for the American people to come to the point where they can question the power elite? Well, it will take that they reach beyond the level of selfishness where they are only focused on themselves and what they perceive to be in their own short term self-interest.

Donald Trump is an example of a person who is entirely focused on what he perceives as his self-interest. This is precisely what gave him an appeal to many Americans who are at that level of consciousness also. Not the same level as him, but certainly at that level of being focused on what they right now perceive as their self-interest, without being open to the possibility that they could raise their consciousness and gain a higher vision. Now, you do see that there are, of course, Americans who are focused on this, but there are not enough of them to have a decisive outcome on the leadership of the nation.

Quite frankly, most Americans are so focused on just America and their own situation, that they are not able to grasp any higher vision for what America meant when it was founded, or what is the potential for America and the golden age. These people are not open to questioning the power elite. As we just said, that people can hold a dictator in power for many years because they are afraid of change, so are there Americans who are afraid of change. And many Americans are not ready to look at the radical changes that are needed—the revolutionary changes that are needed for America to enter the golden age. Because they are afraid of what will happen if you question the financial system, if you change the money system, if you get rid of allowing people to make money off of money, get rid of the entire financial elite and the power elite. They also are afraid to question what will it take for our country to have a higher level of what we have called social awareness, awareness of humanity that you see in many European countries, where they are not allowing people to have no health care, to have no unemployment benefits, where there is no social safety net.

Many Americans are not willing to question this because they believe the economy cannot handle it. But as we have said before, once there is a decision that we want a certain standard of living, then the entire system will adjust so it is possible to manifest that standard of living in that country.

You see here again, that the issue, from our perspective, is the people and the power elite. Now, I know that there are many Trump supporters who will say: “But he has gone against the political establishment, he has questioned them, he has spoken out against them”. Well, but the reality is that if you look at the life of Donald Trump, he came from a background where his father considered himself part of the power elite. I know there are many among the old power elite America who would not consider Donald Trump to be part of the power elite, but his father and himself certainly did. So, they are aspiring to be part of the power elite. And he has not questioned the financial system, the financial elite, the money system, because he is or wants to be part of it—he sees himself as part of it. You cannot expect a person who wants to be part of the power elite to question or overturn the power elite. It is simply not possible, even if he wanted to, which he does not.

You see here that Americans have not yet risen in sufficient numbers, to what we call this basic humanity, the social awareness, where they are willing to say: “We should take care of everybody in our society”. And until they do that, there cannot really be leaders who can seriously question the power elite.

There can be some who can bring America, step-by-step in that direction. But there cannot be a serious questioning of the power elite until there is that shift in the collective consciousness.


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