Don’t focus on Jesus’ suffering, but his victory over suffering

TOPICS: The mob consciousness and the crucifixion of Jesus – vortex of negative energy overpowers people’s minds – healing your wounds from being harmed in past lives – difficult to be harmless as a dove until your wounds are healed – do not focus on Jesus’ suffering but his victory over suffering –

Question: Every time I have attended Good Friday Mass (I am Catholic) when they read the passion, I absolutely cannot say the responses. There is a part of me that cannot say the words out loud, such as “Crucify him”. It is almost as difficult for me to watch any harm done to anyone or anything (movies, news). What is your opinion of having people re-enact the passion both in the reading of the Passion and in portrayals such as in Mexico? 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

If you read my discourse on the stages of spiritual development, you will see that there is a certain group of people on this planet who are willfully rebelling against God and God’s purpose. These are the people who will deliberately hurt or torture others because doing so gives them a sense of power and they have an insatiable desire for power. You will also see that there is a large group of people who are not deliberately rebelling against God, but who have either become angry at God or who have become so hurt that they have become indifferent or numb. These are the people who are easily pulled into a mob consciousness, and most of the people who made up the mob that participated in my crucifixion belonged to this category of people.

Any time a mob consciousness does occur, it is because some of the rebellious people, in cooperation with dark forces not in a physical body, have created a vortex of negative energy. When this vortex becomes strong enough, it begins to pull people into a downward spiral, and as the energies spread with explosive speed, you can literally see that a large group of people can almost instantaneously be turned into a mob. This is indeed one of the most dangerous phenomena on planet earth, and I can assure you that it is a most unpleasant experience to be the focus of an angry mob.

Most of the people who are pulled into such a negative spiral are simply not strong enough to resist it, and they do not understand what is happening to them on an energy level. They do not see the negative vortex, and they do not even feel how it overpowers their personal energy fields. This is one of the main reasons I said, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” In other words, even if people are pulled into a mob consciousness, it does not necessarily mean that they are evil of bad people. They simply have too little self-control, too little sense of individual identity, too little Christ consciousness to avoid being pulled down by the mass consciousness.

As you will see from my discourse on the levels of development, there are people who have started healing their psychology and who have become seekers of truth. Such people have gained enough self-control that they simply will not be pulled into a mob consciousness. That is why you and many others find it difficult to say the responses when the passion is read in church. Many people also find it difficult to watch a re-enactment of the passion or even watch the latest movie about my passion.

I can only commend you and other people for having risen to a higher level of consciousness that makes you resistant to the downward pull of a negative spiral created by dark forces. The fact that you find it difficult to say the responses, such as “Crucify him!” is a good sign that you have risen to a higher level of consciousness. Another good sign is the fact that you, being a Catholic, are willing to send me a question on this website. I know that many Catholics hardly dare to look at this site, and many of those who do look reject it, and thereby reject me, without giving it serious consideration.

Let me say that it is obviously a good thing that you find it difficult to watch harm done to any part of life. Nevertheless, many people find this difficult precisely because they have deep wounds in their lifestreams, either from been harmed personally in a past life or from watching harm done to other people. For such people I would highly recommend that they make an effort to heal these wounds, and one of the best tools for doing so is Mother Mary’s Forgiveness Rosary.

The reason it is important to heal such wounds is that if you have very deep wounds, you might tend to avoid looking at the fact that there are many problems on this planet that need to be corrected and that will not be corrected unless the good people stop ignoring the problems and speak out against them. In other words, I need those who are harmless as doves, and therefore would never harm another part of life, yet wise as serpents, and therefore willing to look at the many imperfect conditions that are direct results of the serpentine lies and challenge those lies wherever they are found.

As I describe in my discourse on the stages of development, people are at many different levels of consciousness. Therefore, I generally do not have a problem with reenacting the passion because it does allow people to go through the feelings, and this might indeed heal their feelings and help them reach a higher level of maturity. There are many people who have participated in a re-enactment of the passion and who have seen the fallacy of being in the mob consciousness and calling out for me to be crucified.

That being said, I would prefer that all reenactments of the passion would avoid putting too much attention on my suffering. There is a fine balance between recognizing the events around my crucifixion, without going too far into the extreme of focusing on the negatives. This is just one of the problems with Mel Gibson’s movie about my passion. I would also prefer that any reenactment of my passion always ends with my resurrection and ascension, so that people’s attention is lifted to what was the true significance of my crucifixion and physical death. It was not the fact that I was crucified but the fact that I was resurrected afterwards that is significant for humankind.


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