Does the ascension mean oneness with the I AM Presence or becoming a self-sufficient being

TOPICS: Becoming one with the Presence – becoming self-sufficient – oneness is beyond words – when in oneness, the enigma fades away –

Question: In previous teachings of the Masters we have learned that the ascension means that we become permanently one with our I AM Presence. It is easy to interpret this as that we become one and the same being as we were before our I AM Presence gave birth to us as an extension of itself.

In the recent teachings it has been explained that we instead are destined to become a spiritually independent being in our own right, even if still an extension of our I AM Presence, next below it in hierarchy. If the ascension doesn’t mean an actual fusion with the I AM Presence, what is the main process that takes place in the ascension?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

What you are seeing here is a typical example of how difficult it is even for the ascended masters to bring forth a teaching in words that conveys the reality of what is happening in the spiritual realm. Words are linear, words have more than one meaning, and thus whenever we say something, it is always possible to interpret it in a different way than the way it was meant.

If you will study the teachings in question and listen for an intuitive insight from your heart, you will see that there is no contradiction here. For the reality is that you become a self-sufficient, independent being, by becoming one with your I AM Presence; by your Conscious Self coming to the conscious recognition and decision of identifying itself as one with, or as an extension of, if you prefer that term, the I AM Presence. Instead of the current condition where the Conscious You has come to accept a lesser identity, an identity based on the illusion of separation and the dualistic mortal sense of identity built by the ego—that then causes you to see yourself as separated from the I AM Presence.

Thus we might say that the most important condition for qualifying for the ascension is to overcome this false identity, this sense of the separate identity. Whereby you let the separate identity die completely, and your Conscious Self is then resurrected into a new identity based on oneness.

Another way to say this is that the Conscious You must be willing to let all separate sense of identity die, and then you will see that you are actually an expression of the I Will Be aspect of the I AM Presence. And this is when the Conscious You becomes a self-sufficient spiritual being who finds its own place in hierarchy. Yet finding your place in hierarchy means coming into oneness with all beings above you in the chain of being.

I cannot even use words to describe the identity of oneness, because, again, words can be interpreted through the filter of the dualistic mind to mean this or that. But there are no extremes in oneness, there is no polarity in oneness. There is only oneness, my beloved.

And, the best thing I can say is that when you are in oneness, you will know it. For there are those who ask, “Oh Jesus, how do I know whether I have overcome the ego?” Well, as long as you feel the need to ask the question, you have not overcome separation. For oneness is when the question disappears, and has become obsolete.


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