Does God want our friendship?

TOPICS: God wants more than friendship – you are a co-creator – overcoming the sense of separation from God –

Question: Does God really want a friendship with us on earth and communicate with us?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Yes, God does indeed want friendship and more than friendship with every human being on earth. As explained elsewhere, every human being is a son or daughter of God and every person is meant to be a co-creator with God. God created you to help finish the creation begun by God. So God does not want you to take a passive approach. God wants you to take an active part in its creation. God wants you to experience the fullness of its creation, and the ascended masters are willing to give you everything you need to experience that fullness and thereby help God co-create this world.

The reason you cannot currently serve as a co-creator with God is that you have descended into a lower state of consciousness. You have lost the memory of your true spiritual identity. The purpose of this entire website is to help you reestablished the connection to your Christ self, so that you can reclaim your spiritual inheritance. Apply the tools we have given and you will indeed make progress. If you are persistent, you will one day break through to a higher state of consciousness, and you will never again feel separated from God. This is not a utopian promise. This is a living potential, a living reality, for everyone who will apply themselves to the path.

This entire website is meant to help you find God on your own. However, I am a spiritual teacher, and my job is to bring every lifestream home. The reality of life on this planet is that many people have descended into a state of consciousness in which they are no longer able to find God on their own. Therefore, they need an outer teaching and outer tools in order to once again climb to the level of consciousness that allows them to establish a direct connection to God in their hearts.

In the end, you can find God only in your heart. But for many people it can be necessary to look for God through outer means before they are able to grasp the truth that they must ultimately find God in their hearts. So you might have to seek for God without, before you can find the God within.

God has not abandoned you, and he is willing to have a relationship with you any time. Yet to find God, you must be willing to resolve the blocks in your psychology that stand between you and a direct connection to God. The toolbox website has the tools—use them!


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