Does God hear all prayers?

TOPICS: All prayers are heard – not all prayers can be answered – what people have created, they must uncreate – God will not force you to learn your lessons –

Question: Why should a person have to search for answers on a computer or library when God hears all our prayers?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

As I explain throughout this website, everything on this planet is subject to the free will of human beings. God’s angels do indeed hear all prayers, but the angels cannot answer all prayers because there are certain things that people must do for themselves. Human beings have created the current conditions on this planet by misusing their free will, and they must uncreate those conditions by correctly using their free will.

How do you learn to use your free will correctly? You do so by finding answers to the many questions you have about life and the spiritual side of life. Many people have descended into a state of consciousness in which they cannot receive answers directly from their Christ selves. Therefore, they must begin by looking for answers in outer teachings. As you study such outer teachings with an open mind and heart, the answers will be internalized and become part of your being. Thereby you will rise to a higher level of consciousness, where you will stop misusing your free will and learn to use it in accordance with God’s laws.

Precisely because God has given you free will, God cannot force you to learn those lessons. You must learn them voluntarily. That is why you need to search for answers wherever they can be found. However, as I explain throughout this website, the outer answers are meant to be tool that will help you establish a contact with your Christ self so that you can get deeper answers from within.

To get such clear answers, use some of the spiritual tools we have given on the toolbox website. Establish your spiritual protection. Clear your mind by transforming negative energy. And work on establishing attunement with your Christ self. When you do establish such attunement, you will no longer need answers from outside yourself, and you will hear God answer your prayers directly in your heart.


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